Meet PureOS: a fully-convergent, user friendly, secure and freedom respecting Operating Systems for your daily usage. When we talk about how we have invested in convergence with PureOS we start with the desktop OS and shrink it down to your pocket. Watch convergence in action ⬇️

@purism David Gerrold's prophetic 1999 article about the smartphone, which he called a PITA, included the ability to connect the portable device to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. Your product allows this easily, most don't.

@purism very cool. I remember how excited I was for Unity 8 back in 2014/2015. When Canonical cancelled it, I was extremely disappointed. Keep up the great work!

@purism Tbh, the fact that there are no cables visible in the video is a bit misleading according to me.
If this was really possible without cables that would be very cool.

@purism I agree, marketing gumph. I've not come across anyone with a #librem5 set up this slick. I believe @kyle uses a Nextdock360 which he describes here,…

@trregeagle @kyle @purism

Maybe the part with using and as a tablet is a bit far fetched...

All the rest is working for me just as @kyle described it. I extended his solution with an external usb-c dock to have the charge (no matter how full I connect it) when the combo N360/L5 sits on my desk at home connected to external power.

By doing so I even can switch off the N360 and keep the L5 charging and connected to my lan.

@chrichri @trregeagle @purism I also don't use it in tablet mode much. The main use case for me would be reading digital books and magazines, but I prefer the paper versions.

@trregeagle @kyle @purism

At the #minidebconf in Hamburg last month I deliberately didn't bring my laptop and did all my packaging and light coding on the #librem5 using a #nexdock360.

While it did indeed get a bit hot during compilation, I enjoyed using #phosh in docked mode very much 🚀


@devrtz @trregeagle @kyle @purism I use my pinephone with a nexdock almost every day. Just in case you don't know already. There are two great hotkey combinations in phosh, Super+A and Super+S. The first opens the tray for launching new apps. The second opens the tray for easy task switching. Learning those hotkey combos in phosh dramatically improved my experience while in convergence mode.

@leimon @trregeagle @kyle @purism

Super+A I already knew about, Super+S seems to do the same thing though?

@devrtz @trregeagle @kyle @purism They are ever so slightly different. Super+A puts the text search in focus. So you can start typing your app then use arrow down to tansfer focus to the grid and fire it up. Super+S puts the open app slider in focus so that you can immediately use left/right arrows to switch beteen apps.

@leimon @devrtz @trregeagle @purism Also Super-left/right and Shift-Super-left/right to tile windows and move between screens respectively, and Super-up to maximize (especially useful for windows you move back to the phone screen).

@trregeagle @kyle @purism I have basically the same setup as on that video - the only difference being that the cables are actually there ;)

@trregeagle @kyle @purism Actually, assuming that there's a table edge right behind the monitor on the video, you could in fact set the cables up in a way that would effectively hide them, since that dock has power input and HDMI connectors at its back, and the rest could be connected via Bluetooth :D

@dos @kyle @purism Of you don't mind me asking, What's the dock you use?

@trregeagle @kyle @purism This one is Baseus Mate GN16A. There's also DIGITUS DA-70882, which is the same thing with different branding.

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