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I gave the latest updates for the FujiNet project as part of the FujiNet State of the Union 2024 talk at VCF SouthWest.

This is an update to the talks that I gave at VCF SoCal, and VCF East, and shows the insane development pace of the project.

Highlights include talking about the generic bus interface under development, fujinet-lib, and more.

Bring-ups mentioned, Apple2, Mac 68K, TRS-80 Color Computer, Atari 2600, and more!


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Time for a new #retrocomputing #blog #post !


You definitely heard of remakes of C64 and the Spectrum Next, but have you heard of Zeal and <clickbait skills="low">the 8 others?</clickbait>

Enjoy! :pixelheart: :c64:

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The dozens of posts and private messages that have come in since I posted my video (youtu.be/6xbtmgalaEQ) about serial gifter
@gwssrox have been heartbreaking to hear. 🧡

(Please boost this thread to spread awareness?)

So I stumbled across this video for fans recently about this board called the . It looks like it will basically be a but with AGA support. According to the video, there should be a bigger announcement in a couple of weeks.


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I'm proud to announce that a Wesnoth has turned 20 years old! Starting with version 0.1 tagged on June 18th 2003, Wesnoth has grown with the help of hundreds of volunteers continually improving all aspects of the game. And while admittedly Wesnoth is no longer at the peak of its popularity, there are still many developers, translators, add-on authors, moderators, and players helping to keep Wesnoth going strong. Thank you everyone for all your work, and here's to another 20 years of Wesnoth!

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Perifractic of Retro Recipes does a video on the #F256K youtu.be/TJQgecozNzU?si=0M2OEH

Among the various programs shown, my humble Mandelbrot fractal basic drawing program!

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After two and a half years of rewrite, #Fractal 5 is finally out! Get the #GTK 4 #Rust #Matrix client from flathub.org/fr/apps/org.gnome. and enjoy new features such as #EndToEndEncryption, location sharing, or multi-account with Single-Sign On πŸš€


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Original Half-Life is free on Steam through it's 25th release date anniversary (19th of November)

While I'm far more partial to the design of the , I must admit that I am a bit excited by any sort new retro-computing, retro console device.

With that in mind, allow me to present to you, this video on the :


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Hey all!

We have new stuff to show: The levels in our game Roguecraft get darker and more evil the deeper you go!

And just look at those scary chickens!πŸ”πŸ˜€

Check out Roguecraft, a modern #roguelike coming for #Amiga: badgerpunch.itch.io/roguecraft

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#Tuba v0.4.0 is now available, with many new features and bug fixes!


- Explore Tab ✨️
- Pull to Refresh
- Profile Editing πŸ“οΈ
- Poll Publishing
- Custom Emoji Picker :cat_is_blob:
- Quoted Posts (on software that support them)
- Somewhat Pixelfed Support :pixelfed:
- HTML parsing improvements
- Sensitive Media Blurring ⛔️
- Spell Checking
- Tracking elements stripping from links by kop316@fosstodon.org
- More keyboard shortcuts & gestures ⌨️
- Attachment cropping & other settings

As always, there are too many changes to list here, if you're more interested, check out the full release changelog:

#GTK #GNOME #Vala #mastodev

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The clockwork pi uConsole just arrived.

Not bad as it only left Hong Kong on Friday.

It's going to be fun building this later

#raspberryPi #uConsole

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MNT Reform 2023 refresh:
β€” 2x-3x performance with A311D module
β€” better mechanical Keyboard V3
β€” better Motherboard V2.5
β€” better battery protection
β€” steel Port Covers
still Open Hardware!

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postmarketOS v23.06 is out, thanks to everybody who contributed! πŸš€ :postmarketos:

* @alpinelinux 3.18
* First time including @gnome Shell on Mobile!
* Phosh 0.27
* @plasmamobile 5.27.5
* Sxmo 1.14.0
* Lots of improvements to GNOME Software
* USB tethering
* Translations & locale improvements
* Installer: minimum pass len changed from 8 to 6 characters
* @PINE64 Pinebook Pro: backlight control and audio works by default
* And lots more!


#linuxmobile #gnomemobile

Okay, I've got a general Mastodon question. Is there any way to block a person so that their posts don't show up in your feed even if someone else you follow boosts them?

My expectation was that just blocking and muting somebody would have accomplished this, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyhow, thanks in advance for any information about how to acheive the desired effect.

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#Tuba v0.3.0 is now available, with many new features, performance improvements and bug fixes!


- Custom emoji support :blobcatpat:
- Ability to select post language 🌐
- Media Viewer can now zoom & pan πŸ” 🍳
- Performance has improved significantly, you'll notice it right away ⚑
- Found and fixed > 5 memory leaks
- Link preview cards (with native #BookWyrm and #Funkwhale :funkwhale: support (:peertube: is WIP))

There are too many changes to list here, if you're more interested, check out the full release changelog:

#GTK #GNOME #Vala #mastodev

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This is so cool. A 386 PC (no really) as a handheld in 2023. They've even got a tiny 8088 laptop. tomshardware.com/news/hand-386

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