Maximal and minimal of the . beats at both. Also the Pinephone screen colors look colder in comparison. Librem 5 screen looks more pleasant to my eye.

@ozmik I noticed this too. But while it's obvious in comparison, on its own the PinePhone screen is totally fine. It's different, yes, but given the large difference in price it would be terrible if the Librem 5 wasn't better.

@ozmik If you're going to post comparison pics of the two screens, please put them both in the same photo. Otherwise, there's numerous factors that can actually make the colors look more different/similar such as white balance, exposure, amount of sunlight changing etc.

@Blort @ozmik Uhmmm, I think you may be looking at some different photos than I am? The phones are literally next to each other on both photos.

@dos @ozmik

*slaps forehead* You're right. I thought it was two LibreM's in picture 1 and 2 Pinephone's in picture 2. I'll go back to bed now... 🙄

@ozmik Minimal and maximal price for a smartphone: #Librem5 and #Pinephone also beat each other at both 😉

@ozmik @linmob @purism Yep. I'm not judging the price of the #Librem too harshly, as I understand it's for a good reason such as more expensive components. Still sucks that it's unaffordable to many and only a phone for the rich part of the middle class. But hey, that's where #Pinephone fills the gap so in the end there's something for everyone!

@ozmik @linmob @purism Due to the price and my financial situation, I'll be among those getting the Pine, once I have the money even for that. It's nice to see how they compare in the meantime: Librem is obviously better in many ways, but we hopefully aren't missing out on too much by comparison.

In this case the image quality looks a bit more meh on the PinePhone screen but not by a lot. I like that they have the same size and resolution too, not noticing a deep quality difference.

@MirceaKitsune @linmob @purism

I agree that the image quality difference is not significant. Yes, this is a pity both phones are not much cheaper so more people could afford their freedom. Hope you will join the community of GNU/Linux phone owners soon!

@ozmik @linmob @purism yeah, but, the Librem 5 is unusable. The premium is a waste of money.

@mostly_linux @linmob @purism

This is pretty rude. Any specific complains? can perform all basic tasks like browsing, texts, calls. Having GNU/Linux in your pocket means that thousands of applications in repositories are already available.

@ozmik @linmob @purism Complaints? Sure! It's too slow to be useable, it's glitchy, and the battery barely lasts a few hours of minimal use. That plus the fact that it's outrageously expensive and based on five plus year old hardware. Look, they got me - I paid for it - congrats. Wanna make sure others aren't duped.

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