Maximal and minimal of the . beats at both. Also the Pinephone screen colors look colder in comparison. Librem 5 screen looks more pleasant to my eye.

@ozmik Minimal and maximal price for a smartphone: #Librem5 and #Pinephone also beat each other at both 😉

@ozmik @linmob @purism yeah, but, the Librem 5 is unusable. The premium is a waste of money.


@mostly_linux @linmob @purism

This is pretty rude. Any specific complains? can perform all basic tasks like browsing, texts, calls. Having GNU/Linux in your pocket means that thousands of applications in repositories are already available.

@ozmik @linmob @purism Complaints? Sure! It's too slow to be useable, it's glitchy, and the battery barely lasts a few hours of minimal use. That plus the fact that it's outrageously expensive and based on five plus year old hardware. Look, they got me - I paid for it - congrats. Wanna make sure others aren't duped.

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