Maximal and minimal of the . beats at both. Also the Pinephone screen colors look colder in comparison. Librem 5 screen looks more pleasant to my eye.

@ozmik Minimal and maximal price for a smartphone: #Librem5 and #Pinephone also beat each other at both 😉

@ozmik @linmob @purism Yep. I'm not judging the price of the #Librem too harshly, as I understand it's for a good reason such as more expensive components. Still sucks that it's unaffordable to many and only a phone for the rich part of the middle class. But hey, that's where #Pinephone fills the gap so in the end there's something for everyone!

@ozmik @linmob @purism Due to the price and my financial situation, I'll be among those getting the Pine, once I have the money even for that. It's nice to see how they compare in the meantime: Librem is obviously better in many ways, but we hopefully aren't missing out on too much by comparison.

In this case the image quality looks a bit more meh on the PinePhone screen but not by a lot. I like that they have the same size and resolution too, not noticing a deep quality difference.


@MirceaKitsune @linmob @purism

I agree that the image quality difference is not significant. Yes, this is a pity both phones are not much cheaper so more people could afford their freedom. Hope you will join the community of GNU/Linux phone owners soon!

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