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Everyone wants to help clean the heat pump filters...for some reason.

And I only have one cat. Even neighbor cat came by to help.

#Caturday #NotMyCat #HeatPump

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Actively working and looking for a new gig since my workplace is making another major push away from hybrid work to in-office. Figured I’d drop a casual post to see if anyone comes across something! Pref fully remote.

Software dev for about 6 years, mostly web applications, always full-stack. Primarily work with c# and dotnet, but at home I primarily use C/Python for desktop applications + game dev engine tinkering.

I don’t need much more than a shell, text editor, and browser. I get up and running with new languages and frameworks quickly, so switching around doesn't bother me.

I reference WCAG often, use NVDA/Lighthouse to assess my application's usability, and try to share what I know with my peers at appropriate times.

Boosts are welcome!

#getfedihired #fedihire

Replaced battery in my G-Shock β€”Β I'm surprised how far the dirt gets in, despite waterproofing.
Not sure if they are still water resistant after I reassembled them β€”Β I did place the sticker, the rubber seal and the ring correctly of course, but at least the backlight works again 😁

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I have found infrared codes to control everything in my audio playback rack. I'm thinking of implementing a web interface to control all this equipment.
Can anyone recommend an infrared transmitter that I could plug into my PowerPC MacMini running Linux and that would work from a ~2 metre distance? Probably something with USB interface β€” it doesn't really have other ports but USB and FireWire.
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Goddamit! There is #WebP support in imv in mah Void! Sound the alarm! 🚨
See the President to the bunker, bring in the tactical team, commence the threat elimination operation!
But how did it get in?! It doesn't even depend on anything suspicious!
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I got let go of my current job; our management was suffering dysfunction.

(posted before but accidentally deleted)

I am looking for another.

I am a senior software engineer, mostly backend, with a decade and a half of experience. I know Go, Python, C, C++, and Rust. I have some Docker and Terraform experience. I have low-level Linux and BSD internals knowledge as well. I have other knowledge too, like OpenLDAP, Xen, KVM, all sorts of things. I can pick up just about anything.

My resume is here:


Wow! American Fiction was made available for illegal download and will soon be available in 4k on my favourite websites for downloading the movies illegally.
Even judging by synopsis alone, it's very entertaining πŸ˜„
Let's wait a bit and watch!

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Is down?
It's not just you! fonts is down.
Lost updatet Feb 5, 2024, 11:40 Pb (1 seconds ago)

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Thanks to everybody who visited the Linux on Mobile stand! At the postmarketOS part we had so many great conversations and a fun time showing all the UIs + devices running mainline linux! A small cheatsheet revealing itself below the Sxmo phone certainly helped, and a lot of people were excited to try it out.

Shout out to our friends from the projects next to us, as always it has been amazing to collaborate with everyone! πŸ₯³

See you next year! :postmarketos:

#fosdem #fosdem2024 #sxmo

nginx on the same machine somehow handles it, but I think it has only one process open the ports and then multiplexes the connections among its children. I don't think it would be possible to do the same with gmid as it's architecturally different.

I can always move my capsule to a PowerPC machine, but I really liked the idea of it running on something even less powerful than an old Mac Mini 😁

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I have almost broken my Gemini capsule by attempting to upgrade gmid to the latest version.
It's not as portable as I used to think, at least it would take some effort to make newer version work with linux 2.6 that old ARM machine my capsule is running on uses. Making old gmid work already did, but it was just a few lines of code.
For one, 2.6 doesn't have SO_REUSEPORT and just using SO_REUSEADDR instead doesn't cut it. I think it's the reason I couldn't make it listen on IPv6 address.

Oh my, I was going to export my UBO settings, edit them and import it back in β€” for some reason I can't set custom accent colour in the GUI and can only choose from a set of predefined ones.
I'm using Acode to edit files right on my phone β€” it's a really neat app BTW. Problem is… It doesn't launch! I've spent minutes staring at its animated splash screen. Looks like it got broken by a recent update too, goddammit! 🀯
Even clearing the cache and app data didn't help β€” let's downgrade it too.

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Oh gawd, now I have to configure all my extensions again, all my custom search engines that I of course don't remember the URLs for β€”Β I had a dozen of those, all those about:config prefs to disable WebRTC, to use normal DNSoverHTTPS provider instead of CloudFlare 😩
Why can't I just… you know, downgrade the app, preserving all the settings? But of course I can't β€”Β it's a smartphone, it has to be smarter than me and protect me from downgrading the apps 🀬

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