Does anyone know where I can find older versions of APKs from F-droid than I can see?
Fennec in particular, the name of the APK is probably "org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid_1180020.apk"
Turns out, they have removed the option to disable from Firefox Mobile too. The ones who put this shit into Firefox in the first place should be skinned alive! 😡
I don't have the tools to build Android apps anywhere and installing that shit seems like too much trouble, looks like I have to stick with the old one.

Internet Archive to the rescue!
Unfortunately it's only 118.0.0, not 118.0.2 that I've been looking for.
I'm also not always sure that stuff uploaded to the Internet Archive is virus/trojan/rootkit/whatever-malware free… On the other hand, I'm not even sure what's worse — that or having in your browser 🤭

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Oh gawd, now I have to configure all my extensions again, all my custom search engines that I of course don't remember the URLs for — I had a dozen of those, all those about:config prefs to disable WebRTC, to use normal DNSoverHTTPS provider instead of CloudFlare 😩
Why can't I just… you know, downgrade the app, preserving all the settings? But of course I can't — it's a smartphone, it has to be smarter than me and protect me from downgrading the apps 🤬

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Oh my, I was going to export my UBO settings, edit them and import it back in — for some reason I can't set custom accent colour in the GUI and can only choose from a set of predefined ones.
I'm using Acode to edit files right on my phone — it's a really neat app BTW. Problem is… It doesn't launch! I've spent minutes staring at its animated splash screen. Looks like it got broken by a recent update too, goddammit! 🤯
Even clearing the cache and app data didn't help — let's downgrade it too.

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