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Internet Archive to the rescue!
Unfortunately it's only 118.0.0, not 118.0.2 that I've been looking for.
I'm also not always sure that stuff uploaded to the Internet Archive is virus/trojan/rootkit/whatever-malware free… On the other hand, I'm not even sure what's worse — that or having in your browser 🤭

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Does anyone know where I can find older versions of APKs from F-droid than I can see?
Fennec in particular, the name of the APK is probably "org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid_1180020.apk"
Turns out, they have removed the option to disable from Firefox Mobile too. The ones who put this shit into Firefox in the first place should be skinned alive! 😡
I don't have the tools to build Android apps anywhere and installing that shit seems like too much trouble, looks like I have to stick with the old one.

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🇷🇺 🇧🇻 The son of former FSB chief Nikolai Patrushev has been successfully evading sanctions for 2 years — with help from Gunnar Nordsletten, son of the former Norwegian ambassador Øyvind Nordsletten.

#russia #norway #investigation

So, swifties are fans of Taylor Swift… Or are they programmers in Apple's new language?
Wait a minute! Are they the same people? 🙀

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Today we find out if Hungarians, who are a 4 billion euro expense in the EU, can tell the Germans, who are a 26 billion euro contributor, that no EU budget money can be spent on defending democracy, because Victor Orbán's friend Vladimir Putin says so.

Table from:


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Does anyone has a patch on hand that reduces the latency in apulse — the PulseAudio-ALSA compatibility wrapper? :marseyquestion:
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🇪🇺 🇷🇺 There’s more than one.

As the European Parliament investigates a Latvian lawmaker suspected of being a Russian spy, her co-nationals in the chamber are warning there are others like her 🇱🇻

#europe #latvia #russia #spying #espionage

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Hi guys. Here’s a first look at my newest cosplay, Bobbin Threadbare from Loom. I wore it earlier this month at one of my favourite events, Amiga Ireland.

In the meantime, I’m back in Germany. I still have some work ahead of me to finish up the semester, and I’m sure my studies will keep me busy all too soon. Nevertheless, I have some big plans for the next few Amiga costumes.

#amiga #retrogaming #cosplay #loom #AmigaIreland @cugi

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Currently searching for a software-related job. I recently graduated with a degree in computer science and have experience in industry from a software development internship. I also have a lot of outside experience working with Linux and *BSD and have developed many pet projects in most major programming languages. These projects include web servers, terminal applications, web apps, games, and simulations. I'm also comfortable with functional programming and can learn new concepts at a rapid pace. In addition to all this, I can understand German and also have basic knowledge of Russian.

If you or someone you know of is looking for a software developer and I meet their qualifications, please let me know.

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I'm still looking for a dev job and @raccoon suggested to ask here again with hashtags idk.
rn my job is making popcorn and it doesn't pay and drives me insane.
I'm decent at webdev and previously worked as a gamedeveloper on several commercial projects, as well as embedded (RTOS) safety critical avionics software development and testing on vxworks in C99 and VkCoreSC (like vulkan SC but from coreavi).
best would be remote work but anything within the Schengen-area works for me tbh, if i can manage to move for the job.
I'm 26, trans (mtf) and speak german and english fluently.

#FediHire #GetFediHired #Job #MutualAid
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I'm glad to announce the release of version 2.46 of #snac, the simple, minimalistic #ActivityPub instance server written in C. It includes the following changes:

Added support for Peertube videos.

Mastodon API: Tweaks to support the Subway Tooter app (contributed by pswilde), added support for editing posts, fixed an error related to the edit date of a post, fixed some crashes.

Added a handshake emoji next to a user name if it's a mutual relation (follower and followed), because friendship is bliss.

Tweaked some retry timeout values for better behaviour in larger instances (thanks to for their help).

If you find #snac useful, please consider buying grunfink a coffee:

This release has been inspired by the album Duality by #TwoLanes.


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🇱🇻 🇷🇺 Tatjana Zdanoka, a Latvian member of European Parliament, has been an agent of Russian intelligence for at least twenty years, The Insider can reveal, based on emails between Zdanoka and her FSB handlers.

#europe #latvia #russia #spying

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🇪🇺 🇷🇺 The European Union on Monday announced sanctions against the Kremlin-aligned Safe Internet League and its head Yekaterina Mizulina for silencing Russian anti-war content creators and reinforcing government censorship.

#europe #russia

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As a matter of fact European Union alone dedicated 1.2 billion EUR for #Palestine in 2021-2024. There were billions from other international aid organisations and private companies (Gaza IT hub) invested there.

The problem is that significant part of the money was used by #Hamas for building up its rocket arsenal, undeground tunnels and other military infrastructure, which was then used to launch the 7 October war.

You might also wonder how come Ismail Haniyeh and other top Palestinian figures became literal millionaires with luxury apartments in Quatar while heading Gaza, where official GDP per capita is $876


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photo of a dildo 

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