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Starting a war and bolstering military by cutting social budget expenses in economy that never fully recovered from pandemic and is still in decline are definitely great measures to encourage starting families 😂
But somehow people aren't stupid.

@ruslan @neural_meduza
Ну не в космос же полететь, что ещё за дискредитация! 😂

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> that's quite the leap
That's the beauty of interacting with people — a lot of stuff keeps happening in your head. But you don't have to tell them about it 🤫
Unless they ask you to 😅

That was sarcasm. I mean that by doing something a lot of people understand expressing their discontent on social media.
I don't think that something is what people should do — they should only do what has a chance of getting them out of their troubles. When you do just anything, it usually only makes you feel more powerless and gives you anxiety — even "this is fine" approach doesn't look bad compared to it 🤷

@c3manu @thor @nloadholtes
> do _something_
Post a meme with a dog sitting in its burning home on the federated social network? 😂

Подожду пока пилотируемый разработают — я бы и лётчиком-испытателем стал! 😊

And sadly I think I know what their choice would be — the Israel-Iran conflict sure is a more hot topic in the media currently and they can safely voice concerns and do their usual thing without making any decisions of substance 😩

Although anything is possible, but this reinforces my version a little — that it could've been false flag gone wrong.

It is a major problem! I would gladly switch to my own homeserver if someone donates the hardware for it 😂
@ticho @lnl @drewdevault

Depends on what you want from it. For chats only gomuks is pretty nice. It might be tricky to get it verified, but if you're comfortable with Matrix already — shouldn't be a problem. Just don't do it from Element Web running in a browser on the same machine — it doesn't like it if you change the focus away from the browser during verification, use the passcode for your storage if you don't have any other device on hand.

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It's a joke, you don't seem to be too secretive about yourself anyway and it's not like other parties name reveals any unwanted information.
It's me who's paranoid about such things, it takes me a few minutes to muster the courage to submit a screenshot — any screenshot to the public timeline, even after checking it… five times 😅

That's sad 😿
I hope your cat gets well soon!

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