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When it comes to Ministry of Education, there's even more wild shit:
A woman was forced to remove a wedding photo of her embracing a man who is now her husband for 7 years with church in the background and it was reported as "indecent".
Well, she was only ordered to provide an explanatory note, but she chose to remove the photo to avoid problems in the future as she's now pregnant.
US conservatives should definitely take notes of our "traditional" values 🤣

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#slcl 0.2.1 has been just released! This version provides several security fixes and improvements over 0.2.0, so it is recommended to update when possible.

Static #linux binaries are provided for x86, x86_64 and armv7l. aarch64 binaries shall be provided soon.

#SmallWeb #cloud #software #release #selfhosted

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Another iteration of the #Meshtastic #LoRa gateway living permanently on my balcony:

RAK WisBlock base (RAK19007)
LoRa module (RAK4631)
Ethernet module (RAK13800)
PoE module (RAK19018)
8 dBi LoRa antenna
IP67 electric box

With the previous 5 dBi antenna I had successful links well over 30 km, let’s see how this one works 🤞

Puneet Chandok, Microsoft India and South Asia head, at an event this week:
"People say AI is overhyped, but I think it's not hyped enough. The next generation who will use this in the next few years will have a much higher bar on what technology can do for them. So how you build it for that generation, how you build it for that future will be really interesting to see. AI is truly a general purpose technology, which can change everything that we do," he added.

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Умер сын главы «Роснефти» Игоря Сечина Иван 

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I watched last year’s #Poland truckers protests with great interest since early 2023. I followed arguments of both Poland and #Ukraine, even though the latter largely ignored the protests until November 2023 when they turned into blockade.

The truckers’ protest was suspended in January, but we now have a second iteration of farmers’ protest with ongoing border blockade. The first one actually preceded the truckers’ protest in 2023, but was noticed by even less parties than the truckers’ one.

One qualitative difference to the current protest I’ve noticed was that the truckers generally avoided anti-Ukrainian slurs and often highlighted that they don’t intend to disrupt Ukraine’s war effort and they’re forced to protest by dire economy.

Right now we have a full spectrum of vicious anti-Ukrainian slurs, hate speech and flood of very aggressive fakes alleging various forms of filth accompanying Ukrainian food products. This new wave emerged very quickly and is accompanied by massive bot campaigns on commercial social media.

While I believe the original farmers’ and truckers’ protests weren’t directly inspired by Moscow, I have a very strong feeling that this one actually is. Russia noted a divisive topic that emerged organically and this time decided to fully invest its highly efficient information warfare to capitalize on it 🤷

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Another day of having nothing planned. If I'm not needed anywhere, I kind of just sit there.

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Following Google Maps directions in rural Tasmania and encountered this sign.

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🇷🇺 Navalny’s death, which comes nearly two years to the day after Russia invaded Ukraine and ahead of sham elections in March, is a reminder that Putin’s regime is waging a war on two fronts — externally against Ukrainian citizens and internally against its own.


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"People upgrade their phones every 3 years"
Even if, theoretically, right now I had cash to spare I see zero incentive to get a newer phone.

The only reason I see for "upgrading phone every 3 years" is planned obsolesce — not really my case as I barely touch my phone and it doesn't even have prominent scratches, the battery has just started degrading, but it still at 95% of its original capacity, and this phone was futureproof to begin with — I have Poco X3 Pro, the last column, 256 Gb storage 8 Gb RAM version.
Zero new features in 2 years, all specs at ~ the same!

And I'm not even comparing to newer Poco X Pro models, as you can see in the second table, X5 lost the SD card slot and did NOT get spacier internal storage options, X6 Pro did get more storage, but lost the headphone jack. In anything, they only got worse!

And flagships… they have nicer screens. They have better camera, usually some "AI" shit — completely irrelevant to me. But they never have headphone jack and they cost five times more — what the fuck for? :marseysigh:
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under the bed swiffer service - satisfaction guaranteed or your hairball back!


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After being with Mozilla for a little over 5 years, I've been laid off today, alongside a group of some of my favorite people. So, I'm on the job market! I've got ~8 years #iOS, #Swift, and #ObjC under my belt, working on everything from libraries all the way through full user-facing features. So, I'm #opentowork. Remote (US), working out of the Chicagoland area. Boosts would be much appreciated!

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The BBC is extending their Mastodon instance hosting trial, citing the first 6 months has been a positive experience.

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Hi everyone, I’m looking for work! I have ~7.5 years experience working on iOS apps, both Objective-C and modern Swift.

I’m based in the Netherlands and would be looking for a fully-remote position.

Boosts appreciated!

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