Damn, Kater Bilbo photos are now WebPee too. Sad, but unsubscribing… 😩

Wow! American Fiction was made available for illegal download and will soon be available in 4k on my favourite websites for downloading the movies illegally.
Even judging by synopsis alone, it's very entertaining 😄
Let's wait a bit and watch!

Oh my, I was going to export my UBO settings, edit them and import it back in — for some reason I can't set custom accent colour in the GUI and can only choose from a set of predefined ones.
I'm using Acode to edit files right on my phone — it's a really neat app BTW. Problem is… It doesn't launch! I've spent minutes staring at its animated splash screen. Looks like it got broken by a recent update too, goddammit! 🤯
Even clearing the cache and app data didn't help — let's downgrade it too.

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photo of a dildo 

Are you guys all right there?
I just want to export my room keys, import them into gomuks and DELETE this file — I'm not going to store it anywhere, why should this passphrase have any complexity requirements at all? 😲

Please don't follow the worst practices of so-called "Big Tech" and make those who know precisely what they are doing jump through extra hoops — give a warning, in huge red letters if you must, but give me a "feck off, I know what I'm doing!" button please.

No, we didn't drink any vodka! We just… you know, got tired. Yep — tired 😼

Sometimes they look so peaceful…
Don't let that deceive you! 😼

#7000 get!
Fedi isn't an imaginary board though.
How do I manage to post so much? I don't think I even shitpost a lot and I don't think I spend a lot of time on Fedi either 😅

I knew that it's Logitech that makes mice for HP, but I've always thought that the design is at least original, well, at the very least that tactile pattern, but…
I mean, it's still different: the form, the magnetic top lid — some other Logitech mice have it BTW, but not this model, HP's is bluetooth-only, unlike the "original", still… I'm rather disappointed, HP could've been more peculiar.

I hope it's still not too late for
Now the ultimate challenge: who would it be, this fine lady or the refined gentle… cat (?) from earlier post? 😸

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The herd of unsuspecting herbivores were looking to satisfy their munchies when they inadvertently chomped down on a hefty stash of medical cannabis growing in a nearby greenhouse.
A Greek news outlet quoted Yannis Bourounis, owner of the farm, who told a local radio producer: "They found green stuff to eat," before adding that the sheep were "jumping higher than goats, which never happens."


Sheep sure appreciate bouncing fun 🤣🐑

I suppose it's not the right time to rise and shine yet 🌞😹

When your cat is not in use, don't forget to put it back into its protective sheath 😸

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