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The Titanium PowerBook G4 still looks like a total work of art even 20+ years later.

And don't get me started on the art that was Aqua in Mac OS X. Looks playful but still like a serious Operating System -- none of this flat, overly joyful and bubbly bs we have today with stupid overly saturated colors and is completely unusable.

Old Apple hardware and software aged like the finest of all wine.

I hope it's still not too late for
Now the ultimate challenge: who would it be, this fine lady or the refined gentle… cat (?) from earlier post? 😸

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The herd of unsuspecting herbivores were looking to satisfy their munchies when they inadvertently chomped down on a hefty stash of medical cannabis growing in a nearby greenhouse.
A Greek news outlet quoted Yannis Bourounis, owner of the farm, who told a local radio producer: "They found green stuff to eat," before adding that the sheep were "jumping higher than goats, which never happens."


Sheep sure appreciate bouncing fun 🤣🐑

I took a nice hip-hop CD I often listen to out of its box, put it into the CD player, pressed "play"…
Then, after a while I notice that it's not hip-hop music, but stoner rock music… "Maybe I have just switched to a different input and that is why something different is playing?" But no, it's playing exactly from that CD player…
It's mid track 4 and being stoner, those aren't exactly short.
Damn, I sure am scatterbrained today 🤪

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M.T. Void's first album is actually pretty good. I didn't like it on first listen. I actually didn't like it even on my second listen, but now it's starting to grow on me.
It's a project of Tool's bass player Justin Chancellor and leader of Sweet Noise — a alt. metal band from Poland.
I'm talking about their debut, they were to release something new this year I thing, but I'm yet to listen to it.
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Yeah, that might be VST-related. I don't have many of them and I use more or less often even fewer, only Novation BassStation comes to mind :marseyemojismilemouthtighteyes:
I've been using VST extensively when Max/MSP and Live weren't tightly integrates as it was the only way to use my patchers in Live, but it didn't crash on me even then. Omnispere looks like a rather complex thing so it might be the case. The fact that Live is cracked might also be a contributing factor — I've always liked it, since version 4 when I first discovered it, so when Live 7 was released I shelled out full price for the Suite and I've been upgrading since then, I didn't upgrade to 10 though and I don't even know what's the current version, maybe 11 or 12 already — mainly because I'm broke :marseyemojismilemouthcoldsweat: , but I also don't really see the point, they sure add interesting things, but I already more or less have what I want and I don't need something like Apple Silicon support or support for newer Windows.
Even with Live 8 and 9 on Windows I've had extensive mixing sessions that lasted days — with breaks for me of course, but not for Live — I've been saving my work, but not quitting Live. And it still never let me down.
But sure it gets flakier with every new version. Live 7 had been rock solid, I don't even know what you had to do to crash it. Maybe current versions got even worse in terms of reliability :marseyshrug:
@10leej @splitshockvirus @karolat @newt
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Porcupine tree CD seems to want to tell me something. That listening to it makes me elite? :marseysmug2:
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I suppose it's not the right time to rise and shine yet 🌞😹

I know, reverting it is no proper solution as it is a fix for something else, but I hope that it will help you narrowing the real cause of the issue down.

Thanks for Lagrange and Bubble! 👍

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Hello, @jk
Sorry for reaching you like this, but I couldn't come up with a better way 😋
This commit: github.com/skyjake/lagrange/co
is likely the culprit for breaking scrolling as described in this issue: github.com/skyjake/lagrange/is
I have the same configuration, using wayland SDL video driver and after updating Largange from 1.16.2 to 1.16.7, mouse wheel scrolling no longer works for me. When I rebuild 1.16.7 with said commit reverted, it magically works again.

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Software becoming worse rant 

When your cat is not in use, don't forget to put it back into its protective sheath 😸

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What are you, crazy? Go out right now and buy a new Macbook Pro! And a Mac Pro to use at home! And since you're at the Apple store anyway, why don't you pick up an iPhone 15 Pro Super Mega Max as well, and of course an iPad and an Apple Watch to complete the ecosystem. Airpods are optional for now, but I'd highly appreciate it if you got a pair too. Or two, one for home and one for on the go.

You can't just keep using your old hardware. Think about the economy! Hardware manufacturers are struggling because of people like you!

You throw away that old crap right now, I don't care if it still works and fits your needs, and you buy everything new. And from now on, you do that *every single year*!

Understood? ;)


What?! System has been using Wayland for ages, but Firefox wasn't, what is even the point? It was Firefox in particular that encouraged me to try Wayland in the first place, I've been fed up seeing very noticeable visual tearing. I hope the screenshots of Firefox's window have been working. Can't believe how bad Ubuntu is these days 😩

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If you happen to get your hands on an older computer, say between 10 and 20 years old, do you

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TIL about the doorway effect a known psychological event where a person's short-term memory declines when passing through a doorway moving from one location to another when it would not if they had remained in the same place.

#til #todayilearned

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Looks like Amfora won't be actively developed anymore.
It's a pity as it was one of my favourite Gemini browsers, and I'm sure not mine only. Although some of the reasons stated aren't ungrounded, TBH the whole post looks like a classic case of burnout, not real disappointment in technology, but I'm not judging in either case, I'm just sad :marseysad:
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