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That thirty million could have been spent on so many things. Like keeping Persona going. Or providing e-mail services to give people a way out of Google and Microsoft. blog.mozilla.org/en/mozilla/in. What are these executives thinking? (jacky.wtf/2023/3/-cvs)

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Now removing the goddamn useless button is the third most popular idea on Mozilla Connect. I wonder if they pay attention to this stuff?
Surprisingly the most popular one is some weird idea about tab grouping. The second one is pretty nice though — I don't have anything Chromium-based installed and I don't and never will use Electron apps, but I don't mind having another Firefox window open and having a tighter integration. I wonder why they gave up on it in the first place, most of the code was already there then suddenly they just removed it. Considering how Google is normalizing web "apps" and how MS now joined the cause, this should be the top priority feature for the browser and the web rendering engine to stay relevant, not some AI bullshit.
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Alternative reality where Eyedea didn't die of accidental overdose. And that had enough impact for Chris Cornell to not kill himself, and that, in turn, made Chester not kill himself. So war never happened. Isn't that how entropy works?
I wonder what music he'd be into if he lived today. Well, yeah, some lyrics do sound immature, but this man didn't even live long enough to be in hist thirties. A perfect example of very talented and deeply troubled mind.

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Moscow riot police is doing a crackdown on bars to celebrate Putin's newly found international recognition. They make guests sing "patriotic" songs. What's ironic is that singer of one of the bands in question — Lyube, is rumoured to be a citizen of Germany, or at least was living there for years until he got expelled recently — that's an exemplar Russian patriot for you!
It's not even a proper police-enforced dictatorship, it's like a very dark parody of it 🤦

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Mozilla removed the extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled about:config setting, so the ugly non-removable puzzle piece toolbar button was brought back with the wind of last update.
Okay, at least they've made it possible to move buttons of selected extensions elsewhere on the panel. Now I have to make the bookmarks bar visible to keep these buttons small. That is already a nuisance, but I also have to use CSS fix to hide the fscking extension button.
But the most fun thing I have encountered while trying to fix it is this Reddit post on the screenshot. They do really have a bot that advises you against using Pale Moon if you mentioned it. Using words like "modern web" and "fuzzing" :marseylaugh:
It looks like they are making fun of their user base on purpose: "We wonder what lengths are you willing to go just not to use the abomination that is Chrome" :marseyfacepalm:
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> Vinyl records outsell CDs for first time in decades
Some didn't believe we would live to see this. I did!

I wonder if there is a way to reinitialize the output in without restarting it completely 🤔I have a laptop that I mostly use connected to a TV and alsa is configured so that it uses HDMI output, but when that isn't available it switches to built-in speakers, however cmus doesn't seem to realize that this has happened. Setting output_plugin or dsp.alsa.device doesn't seem to have any effect until it is restarted, not that it takes long, but it would still be nice to avoid that.

I didn't watch anime for a long time. Found this show while ramfomly browsing something else yesterday and it looks entertaining. Apart from a few fuckups like this girl suddenly changing clothes mid-scene (yeah, like cut — and she wears her school uniform instead of clothes she wore before 🤪) and a few weird plot turns, the start is good. Did they really fuck it up halfway through?

Whoa, you can change tile's size using mouse! 🤯
I've been using Sway for over a year and it's the first time I noticed it! By accident, when I was selecting text close to the edge.
Well, I don't have these 1-pixel borders for nothing 😅

Watching The Matrix for the first time in my life. I see this very specific tint of green and think that something is wrong with the metadata, like wrong colorspace… You know it sometimes happens and everything gets purple and pale green.
It took me trying four different devices to play this video and realize… It was supposed to be like this! Damn! 🤣

high alcohol concumption, questionable absurdist comedy 

Wow, Git works surprisingly well for RTF files at least when those are generated by LibreOffice. I knew RTF is human-readable, but I wasn't expecting it to be split into lines properly so even the diffs would make sense. I expected it, despite being basically text, to be a mess comparable to binary files 😅

This is Beck! Yeah, the "I'm a loser baby" guy. From the album back from 2014. How come I've never listened to this? 🤔

Do they really place keys on top edge of the trackpad these days in most laptops? When did that happen? 🤯
How do I perform dragging with one hand on that? I thought I stopped "getting it" when they placed the headphone jack on the bottom edge of smartphone, but this… I think I'm going to keep using the laptops I have now for a while…

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@calculsoberic Nice nickname!
I have this photo of my cat lying next to "C Programming Language" and "Go Programming Language" books. Looks somewhat relevant 😸

Wow, I didn't know the Mario Draghi as in ex-PM of Italy was a student of Modigliani!

My conquest in pursuit of making Android 12 pull-down thing look less like a knock-off Simple-Dimple toy is almost complete. Some things are still bad about this system, but at least it's bearable to look at now and I'm not using OS build from two years ago, it was poor from security perspective.
I made it tone down on the roundness and brought back transparency and blurs. Thanks to the excellent Iconify customization app and its developer. Some of this stuff is not even in the stable build yet.

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