I have almost broken my Gemini capsule by attempting to upgrade gmid to the latest version.
It's not as portable as I used to think, at least it would take some effort to make newer version work with linux 2.6 that old ARM machine my capsule is running on uses. Making old gmid work already did, but it was just a few lines of code.
For one, 2.6 doesn't have SO_REUSEPORT and just using SO_REUSEADDR instead doesn't cut it. I think it's the reason I couldn't make it listen on IPv6 address.


nginx on the same machine somehow handles it, but I think it has only one process open the ports and then multiplexes the connections among its children. I don't think it would be possible to do the same with gmid as it's architecturally different.

I can always move my capsule to a PowerPC machine, but I really liked the idea of it running on something even less powerful than an old Mac Mini 😁

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