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Oh man, I feel yucky. Made it to noon. Time to crash for a bit. Maybe a nap will help kill this fever.

Wife sick.
Son sick
Daughter a little sick.
Other son only slightly sick.

Otherwise, life is good.

Gardiner from The Linux Gamer covers our Librem 5 shipping announcement with comments from our CEO and CMO Thank you for your excitement and support

What's yours say?

Linux Thursday!

It's tomorrow!

Ask questions! Linux-y ones!


Mein allerliebster #CodeOfConduct ist nach wie vor der von @lunduke : "Be Excellent to Each Other!" Nichts hinzuzufügen, aber schön, dass ich den Link dazu wiedergefunden habe 🔗


You vile detestable being, how dare you pew in my timeline

This is my turf 😂

‪Jumpin' Jehosaphat!‬

‪Within *minutes* of publishing an (extremely even and level) episode discussing a GIMP rename fork... got at *least* 20 YouTube comments that were off-the-charts vulgar and just plain terrible towards fellow humans.‬

‪From *both* "sides."‬

Is forking the "GNU Image Manipulation Program" in order to give it a "less offensive name" a good idea or bad idea?


@lunduke With the end of Linux Journal do you think there's any hope for real journalism to succeed in the future, or are we doomed to a profit motivated politically charged ad infested dystopia of clickbait headlines?

I just wrote a long, multi-post diatribe about some politicians.

Deleted it. There's enough yelling going on. Me yelling would just be more noise.

Time to pull a Lazlo Hollyfeld.

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