Gardiner from The Linux Gamer covers our Librem 5 shipping announcement with comments from our CEO and CMO Thank you for your excitement and support

@purism good! We need more videos like that. Even though purism as a company has been very transparent about the majority of the development and production process, lots of people still seem to have trouble understanding who the device is actually for, and what differentiates it from other smartphones.
This in turn results in misconceptions and dissapointments, which could have been avoided if people would learn more about the device. Video's like these will help with that.

@purism I'd love to see you do a new interview with Todd - some things have changed since your last interview with him and we're really close to the first batch being shipped. It'd be great to hear why things changed how things look now, maybe more detail of the batches, rundown of the final specs... There so many questions!

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