Linux Thursday!

It's tomorrow!

Ask questions! Linux-y ones!


@lunduke Not a question so much as a comment. I saw this screen for the first time in AGES the other day. It was such a relief to know that I was still able do get my work done while the update was installing, and the reboot would only take its normal 30 seconds not half the day!


Why is manjaro so awesome?
I switched to manjaro a few months ago (had problems with my display under debian).
It just works; no problems whatsoever. The package manager is great: Finding and installing new applications is so easy. Needed dependencies can be installed alongside. Available updates will be displayed (no apt-get update)...etc.
Additionally, gnome looks great on manjaro. Just loving it!

@lunduke What do you think is the most common difficulty that people have with linux?

@lunduke We don't talk about Abiword enough. It's the little Word processon that could (still can). Windows fork doesn't get updated anymore. That alone is a reason to use Linux.

That's not really a question, is it?


@hannusiivonen @lunduke
I was under the impression that AbiWord had gone stale years ago (on all platforms)?
Hang one a nanosec while I check…
…Just as I thought.
Last: 2016.
Is it dead, though?

I dislike heavy Office suites so I started learning `?roff(1)` and MarkDown. If I **must** use a GUI wordprocessor then **AbiWord** is my favorite!

I'm not old enough to wanna check out the clone of **WordStar** called **WordTsar**, but **YOU** might be interested?

@neb @hannusiivonen Honestly, Abiword was so perfect a decade ago, I'm surprised it was developed that far. It's not dead, nesessarily just because new versions haven't come out. There's just not much to do.

I just rediscovered WordGrinder!
Distractionfree writing made by writer!
`roff, MD` and HTML I think.

@neb @hannusiivonen

Now all you need is BSD installation with sole purpose of running Wordgrinder

I'd just spin up a **Zone** for it on __illumOS__ B)

Now I see your point.
I tend to "just have to setup this and that and etc." first. Like the __XKCD__ where in order to solve a problem the guy just has to build a solution first. Which, of course, becomes a huge project 🤖

@lunduke I have been writing a book. I have been using Joe Editor with Pandoc and a Makefile to tie it all together in a pretty little EPUB package.

My question is, is there something I'm missing? Is there a better way? I am pretty comfortable with my current workflow, but I can't help but think that there is a better way.

P.S. After about 35k words, LibreOffice begins to glitch and stutter on my system. Also, the epubs aren't as clean on LibreOffice.

@lunduke Why is it so hard to compile and package (eg. into a .deb) a compiler, as compared to compiling and packaging a typical piece of software, like an editor or an smtp server.

@lunduke Is the lack of marketing one of the reasons that keep free software back? No company behind a product might mean less reason to aggressively market it by way of ads and commercials. Could this be why linux distributions other aren't very popular, and why Ubuntu is, compared to others?

Would you consider using or bitchute for alternate to you tube FB twitter.

@lunduke How much exactly a design of a window manager/desktop environment matters to you? Would you use an ugly one if you were to find its workflow very efficient saving you lots of time? Or, would you use one that looks absolutely fantastic, but doesn't have all these good workflow features you'd want?

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