Is forking the "GNU Image Manipulation Program" in order to give it a "less offensive name" a good idea or bad idea?


@lunduke A good idea, as long as it's not Proprietary Image Manipulation Program

@hannusiivonen aw, don't be a Windows Image Manipulation Program.

@rune @hannusiivonen Very funny. Why don't you write it on a BSD License Image Manipulation Program

@lunduke make it like all ridiculously named open source software and just say it's a soft G and the other letters are silent

@lunduke interesting how you framed this as "one is good so the other must be bad". I certainly think a fork with a different name is a good idea, but that in no way means GIMP is inherently bad.

@lunduke My spidey sense, and also their about page, tells me that there's more to this than just the name.

I'm sure it'll all be fine.

I wish there was "Good idea, but GIMP is good anyway"

@lunduke If I'm around the overly sensitive, I just call it: GNU Image Manipulation Program, instead of GIMP

Really don't see what the fuss is about...


Another idea:

The English dictionary should rename the word "gimp" so that it doesn't conflict with a software project.

@lunduke Gimp is an S&M term. I think it's cool they used S&M terminology.

In all seriousness, I do think it's super lame idea.

@lunduke the beauty of FLOSS is that you can rename it for your own purpose as you see fit I saw already some of the discussion regarding the name in the past and just had a quick look at their repository. If they would just pull from the original repository after each upstream release, change the name and release their version, it might work for this imho rather small group. But as it seems like they also change other code parts and plan even more changes I wouldn't be surprised if nobody will talk about it in a few months down the road.

@lunduke as a Fediverse user, I know some examples of forks started to change a project name (s/mastodon/gabsocial/) and I find it hilarious that anyone can actually support this idea.

Maybe also a good time to learn English speaking youngsters that other languages exist and in which GIMP means nothing else than… GIMP.

@lunduke I think it's a bad idea.

Don't get me wrong: GIMP is an awful name. And the overall "marketing" behind it is bad. It's the norm with FLOSS software...

But forking is retarded. They should have asked the devteam for a complete rework of the "marketing" of the project

@umbertotozzato @lunduke They said that's been tried before on their homepage, but the proposal always has been buried. So yeah, forking is the only thing left in that case

@posweg @lunduke
Maybe... Developers wants to develop, not "waste time" with marketing.

So - for sure - if they went all in with a caustic SJW attitude because the name hurts their fragile hearts then it's comprehensible that they said NO.

Had they went there with a constructive / non-autistic proposal, maybe it could have worked... I mean, Gimp sucks at marketing and should be use by marketeers for their job ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@umbertotozzato @lunduke Yeah, FLOSS developers are known for being insensitive folk like you who will call SJW and autistic to anyone that brings conciousness to a topic that may hurt others but they didn't know. That's not new

Either way, I don't think they would accept. I'm hoping to this fork to bring new things to the table because GIMP is kinda clunky

@lunduke I don't think GIMP is bad, but I think Glimpse is good. Kinda aggresive poll

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