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Time to setup a portable, encrypted Arch install on that USB drive, which routes everything over a VPN.

I'll sync it with my desktop and have a truly machine-independent development environment on my keychain.

Anyone interested in a tutorial?

Cross the road! If a chicken can do it, I can do it.


reminder: if your domain name doesn't start with "www", it isn't a Genuine World Wide Web Site™
>notice that some government department that you need to visit is open until 7pm
Yeah this can't be right.
>they open at 10am, close at 11:30 and re-open at 1:30 pm
Yep, it's the government, alright.

Now that we can prove our identity on Mastodon via Keybase, wouldn't it be nice if I could move my entire social graph (content & relationships) to another fediverse account that I can prove my identity for?

That would truly give me the freedom over my account and make me independent from the instance I initially signed up with.

GitHub ‘Sponsors’ Now Lets Users Back Open Source Projects GitHub’s new Patreon-like service aims to reward developers for maintaining free software, and bolster the open source ecosystem. #Business/ComputersandSoftware #opensource #developers #Business #software #github

More than 20,000 Linksys routers are routinely leaking historic records of every device that has connected to them — records that include unique identifiers and operating system details, according to security researcher Troy Mursch.

Protonmail has developed an open source implementation of OpenPGP in the Go programming language.

If an instance blocks an entire instance over some offensive words it's no better than twitter.
Google has a phishing quiz, it's pretty nice for seeing just how annoyingly proper phishing attempts can be these days:

Provérbio Polular: "Mais vale um velho conhecido que um novo por conhecer." - Costa Rica

Provérbio Popular: "Uma andorinha não faz verão." - Costa Rica

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