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Live for the Truth. You should never surrender the Truth for any lie because of circumstance. Fight for the Truth with every ounce of your being, with all of your strength, power, and heart.

5 Years, 5 ambitious alternatives.

2014 - Misskey
2015 - Hubzilla
2016 - Mastodon
2017 - Pleroma
2018 - Pixelfed

#activityPub #fediverse

An Introduction To Linux Administration

Whether you're just getting started with hosting or deploying a complex system, we have created a quick guide that includes information on everything you will need to get you started.

Goal: let's get the largest / longest thread on the #fediverse. Feel free to comment / discuss whatever you want in this thread (except for harassment, promotion of fascism, and other crappy stuff), I just want to see how long a thread can get, and what issues #Mastodon, #Pleroma, #Misskey, and others will run into when seeing a thread this big.

Posting images, video, "GIF's", and audio are all also appreciated. The more the better!


YouTube is under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over its handling of children's videos, and its alleged violation of federal child privacy laws.

Netflix researchers have uncovered vulnerabilities in FreeBSD and Linux kernels that could allow hackers to deploy TCP-based remote denial-of-service attacks on Linux-based PCs​​​​​​​ and IoT devices, preventing them from connecting to the internet.

A Google Project Zero and Coinbase Security researcher found a zero-day flaw in Firefox that hackers are actively exploiting.

"Great Britain... swamped by mass immigration" leading to "streets almost explosively as dangerous as the United States." - Cyberpunk 2020 Rulebook (1988)

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