**Material found in house paint may spur technology revolution**

"The development of a new method to make non-volatile computer memory may have unlocked a problem that has been holding back machine learning and has the potential to revolutionize technologies like voice recognition, image processing and autonomous driving."


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**Biochar helps hold water, saves money**

"Biochar's benefits for long-term storage of carbon and nitrogen on American farms are clear, but new research shows it can help farmers save money on irrigation as well."


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**Driver of the largest mass extinction in the history of the Earth identified**

"252 million years ago, at the transition from the Permian to the Triassic epoch, most of the life forms existing on Earth became extinct. Using latest analytical methods and detailed model calculations, scientists have now succeeded for the first time to provide a conclusive rec…"


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That thing where you're told to work harder when you thought you were getting paid to work smarter.

Being expected to learn Python/Django, Reach, Ruby/Rails and the infrastructure of an app your team has built before all at once while the team is on a mission to rebuild what they had from memory makes for a really stressful time at work.

As a PHP/WordPress dev who has been in GoLang for the last couple of years, this has not been a fun project for me.

Having a restful weekend? Want to change that? Read @RepAnnaEshoo @RepBobbyRush & @RonWyden’s stirring letter demanding an investigation into government surveillance of protesters eshoo.house.gov/sites/eshoo.ho

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