Hello friends, today we’re launching cooperative.computer !

It’s like dGaaS (De-Googling as a Service). Nextcloud files storage, contacts and calendar syncing and a Matrix account all for £3 per month.

- No ads
- No data mining
- No BS

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! Don’t like it? Change it! Cooperative.computer will eventually be its own cooperative where the members decide how it’s run.

Come talk to us on Matrix today! Operators are standing-by. matrix.to/#/#general:cooperati

Oh and here's a solar-powered website asking "Can we make bicycles sustainable again?" Many of the factors contributing to the decreasing #sustainability of bicycle manufacture are common to computer manufacture too, but as a bike mechanic wisely observes: "The problem here is #capitalism; it’s not the bikes." lowtechmagazine.com/2023/02/ca

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"The task of teachers, those obscure soldiers of civilization, is to give to the people the intellectual means to revolt." –Louise Michel, French anarchist, educator, and Communard, born on May 29, 1830

Get the Louise Michel anarchist education shirt: pmpress.org/index.php?l=produc

Going to try this place one more time. It was a bit hard to find community and other journalists of color the last go.

#boost please

I cannot get #WakeOnLAN working reliably under #Linux

It is an #accessibility issue for me, I can't reach the power button on my desktop PC's case from my wheelchair and use automations on my phone and via HomePod to turn on my computer.

Yes, I *think* ethtool fixes it, but I'd need it to run flawlessly every time the machine shuts down, or delay the shutdown until it did.

This *just works* in Windows and I don't have to think about it.

The device in question is Realtek, 10EC:8125

What I would like is a kernel/module parameter that forcibly enables WOL.

Business leaders: We can't find enough workers!

Workers: You could pay more.

Business: Nope.

Workers: Better benefits?

Business: No.

Workers: More flexible hours?

Business: No way.

Workers: Treat your current employees better to build your employer brand?

Business: Never.

Workers: Well, what's left?!

Business: Child labor!


IMPORTANT: if you use Matrix, there's currently a fake Space being created, with a bunch of rooms, using my logo and name without permission.

I asked them to stop, they removed my message and did everything they could to pose as the official Matrix space for the channel. I reported them to Matrix for impersonation, but I don't know if they'll do anything about it.

The impersonator created a space called #the-linux-experiment:matrix.org, the official one is #the-linux-experiment:mozilla.org.

I'm a fantasy writer. Hoping to use this platform to share my work, learn, and grow on the road to self or trad publishing. Where are all the writers at?

“One of the great tragedies of mankind is that morality has been hijacked by religion. So now people assume that religion and morality have a necessary connection. But the basis of morality is really very simple and doesn't require religion at all.”

― Arthur C. Clarke

us pol / health insurance 

I just saw a thread discussing the bigotry problems on Mastodon, and some people were expressing hope that Calckey will take off instead.

Question: is there any reason to believe that any ActivityPub-based platform that "takes off" will perform better on moderation issues than Mastodon has?

I don't mean instances. I specifically mean non-Mastodon software that runs on ActivityPub protocol.

*** Mastodon and Kafka ***

So now I'm being told that a few people on a instance with 1000s of users who complain that you don't use CW or alt-text the way they want can result in your being blocked for the entire instance, even when you've never received any notification of this.

Sort of like how you'd get arrested in fascist countries and never told why. Kafka would recognize this for sure.

I would assert that this makes #Mastodon even more of a toy than I thought it was, and utterly unreliable for much beyond trading photos of kitties. Leela the Siamese Snowshoe approves of kitty photos of course, but beyond that anyone depending on #Mastodon might charitably be called "misguided" at best, if my understanding of the situation is correct.

And I feel that the public needs to understand that they're buying into this sort of nonsense if they're looking at #Mastodon as an alternative to Elon's #Twitter hellscape.

Now I'll probably get blocked for this post. -L

"We invented a machine that thinks!"

"It's not thinking..."

"Technically true, but it can CREATE new content out of thin air."

"It steals everything it spits out by scraping the internet..."

"Okay, got me there, but think of the information access; now everyone with a phone has their own research assistant and the Library of Alexandria!"

"The machine spits out wrong answers; like every time."

"Look, fuck you, we own everything and you're buying it."

#WeLiveInASociety #HowIBecameTheJoker

Yesterday, 25 May 2023 — For only the third time in recorded history, we had the highest average world air temperature, the lowest global sea ice extent, and the highest average ocean temperature, all on the same day.

And this is just the beginning of the dubious and destructive record-setting events we will see in the months and years ahead.

Continue to work and hope for the best, but definitely *prepare* for the worst.

#Ocean #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency

For a couple of decades, even right-wingers disguised their racism in public utterances. Now, as their party actively courts the racists in our society, they've resumed flaunting it. thedailybeast.com/alabama-sena

On Monday, I wrote an essay about climate and biodiversity for Scientific American. I tracked proportional engagement, calculated as (likes + shares + comments)/followers, over six social media platforms.

The winner? MASTODON, by a landslide.

Second place? INSTAGRAM. It's harder to share posts on IG, but lot of people like things there!

The loser? FACEBOOK, also by a landslide. On Facebook, I've been shadow-banned since August 2018 when they listed clean energy and climate as "socially sensitive topics" so my page there stopped growing 6 years ago and now only about 1% of my followers there ever see my posts. It's actually too bad, because that's the platform where I reach the most conservative audiences through their connections to friends and family. So even though it's dead last, I still persist.

"It's not warming-- it's cooling."

Almost unbelievably this fatuous slop is hovering at #13 our current most-accessed rebuttal topics.

Continuing our systematic updates, we've revised "Global cooling - Is global warming still happening?" to include a plain language introduction. We'd like to know if our revisions are working for our readers. What do you think? Click the link to read and review via a handy embedded form!



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