@rwg @giovannamas having just been asked to review for a TF journal, no thanks: "Given the recent decision of T&F to exploit their authors by signing over their rights to an AI company, I cannot in good conscience perform free services for this publisher until the situation is resolved."
#TaylorFrancis #generativeAI

Reporting of the latest UBI test programme is ignoring the key finding, obvious to anyone who knows low income people, that their first impulse was to spread the wealth to others.
This thinking is so alien to economists and financial types that they barely discuss it. openresearchlab.org/findings/k

Schumer plans to have a floor vote on the very, very problematic KOSA bill (and COPPA 2.0) this week... The bill is very problematic. Not as problematic as it was originally... but still extremely problematic, especially if Trump wins the election, as it's his FTC that will enforce...

RE: https://bsky.app/profile/did:plc:vdabazxnghujbebpi2ektqgi/post/3kxxcq4tdgp2y

Switzerland now requires all government software to be open source zdnet.com/article/switzerland- by @sjvn

Switzerland is one of the world's leading #opensource countries; now, if only the United States could follow its lead!

Wild, true story from the security awareness and training company KnowBe4 that details how they inadvertently hired a North Korean hacker who was posing as a Western tech worker.

Kudos to them for publishing this. If it can happen to a security awareness company, it can happen to anyone (full disclosure: they've been an advertiser on my site for ages).


Here’s what parenting can look like.

When I told my dad I was trans, my dad’s response was, “Oh! I can send you jewelry now!” (He was retired and made jewelry as a hobby).

Two days latter, I had a letter in the mail addressed to Joelle, the first time “Joelle” ever got mail, with a necklace in it. Later he made me this one. He told me, “I hope I got the colors right, I looked it up online.”

You don’t have to mourn a child transitioning. You can be the first to do so many affirming things.

US pol: I will not forgive or forget this RNC moment 

How to Survive Jail - Strategies from a Stop Cop City forest defender facing domestic terrorism and RICO charges by Priscilla Grim in Hammer and Hope: hammerandhope.org/article/jail

I just submitted this bug report on the very cool Immich project which I promoted yesterday: github.com/immich-app/immich/i Will be interesting to see how that project lead responds.

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We on the Fediverse need to nicely ask the coordinators of every 'open' project which it's not on the Fediverse but is on Facebook or Twitter... or which it's not using Matrix but is using Discord or Slack. If we don't ask, we'll never help people in open communities realise that the tools they choose *do* matter. davelane.nz/notslack

Exactly what I had in mind too.

In my mind, part of the problem of corporations is that it's designed specifically to make sure they can be super big and mitigate the stuff that can limit the size of businesses. I mean, the guy who started Cloudstrike was in charge of Mcaffee when that company took down half the Internet in 2010. If you were in charge of two enterprises that did such a thing, why are you still allowed to have your fingers in half the Internet? Because everything is set up to be compartmentalized enough legally that everyone can avoid consequences even when the worst possible outcome occurs.

In the US, there's been a lot of talk & concern about foreign investors buying up US farmland.

And there is, in fact, a tech startup that helps them do that! It's like Robin Hood for buying US farmland.

And who's one of its key investors, profiting off of every sale?

J.D. Vance.

Who Trump recently chose as his VP to "represent rural America."

Microsoft now blaming the EU for the crowdstrike issue, because the EU made them open their APIs to third party developers in 2009 is hilarious.

If your APIs had any kind of gracious error handling, this wouldn’t be an issue. Fix your bad code, Microsoft, stop pointing fingers.

REDALERT: The Senate is likely to vote on the Kids Online Safety Act (#KOSA) this week. This internet censorship bill will impact everyone who uses social media. Tell your representatives to vote no today. #THREAD eff.org/deeplinks/2023/08/cong

When will these human rights atrocities committed in service to the IOC end, The New Yorker?

Join Sam Tracy in Milwaukee to discuss Riding More with Less: A Future for Bike Repair

Vulture Space, The Milwaukee Community Bicycle Project on Wednesday, July 24th at 6pm facebook.com/events/4358553726

Boswell Book Company on Thursday, July 25th at 6:30pm eventbrite.com/e/sam-tracy-aut

#books #bike

If you want to support #Forgejo financially, you can now do this via #Liberapay: liberapay.com/forgejo/

The funding goes to approved team members first, and some leftover funds benefit Codeberg, too.

If you prefer other payment options, you can also donate to Codeberg, since we also use part of our funding for the development of Forgejo. docs.codeberg.org/improving-co

Check your voter registration at least twice a month to make sure you haven’t been taken off the voting rolls! If there are defects you have enough time NOW to get them fixed!!! Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate! Check this now: vote.org

#Harris #Harris2024 #voteblue #vote #kamalaharris

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