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Find out what changes are in store for in our latest blog post!

Love the light and dark themes/wallpapers provided by Olauncher! One of the best launchers on Also @GrapheneOS has given us stellar battery life on the Pixel 4a.

Auditor app version 30 released:

See the linked release notes for an overview of the improvements and a link to the full list of changes.

Most of us are guilty of distro-hopping at some point or another. With that being said, what is that one distro you always come back to? For us it's been Manjaro Gnome. you've got us all hooked.

Gotta admit, we love @Tutanota and their product. Helps us run our blog incredibly well.

People vs Big Tech is gaining momentum. Join our fight together with Amnesty International for a better, a more private Internet! 💪
Check here how you pay for Google and Facebook to be free:

Anki - free and open source, multi-platform software to ease the remembering of data by means of flash cards and interval repetitions

Install: Deb, RPM, Snap and Flatpak packages, EXE (Windows), DMG (macOS), Mobile apps: Android, iOS

I was quite shocked when I recently logged into Discord and it asked me to enter my school email to get connected with different Discord pages tied to the college that I'm attending. How would Discord know I'm in currently enrolled in college, what type of information are they collecting to know that information?

Would anyone be interested in designing a logo for our website? Interested parties please email us at

To all the alt-right people leaving comments on my videos insulting me, please keep doing that, this proud SJW finds it hilarious ;)

Just want to say to everyone sorry that their has not been a blog post in a while, we've been busy with school and tossing around the idea of transitioning from to as well as making our blog posts audio focused. Thoughts and opinions on this? .me

My college courses require that I use a Windows/MacOS only program known as the LockDown Browser by Respondus, to be able to take my very important quizzes. Considering this program doesn't run on Linux and attempting to use it in a VM will only cause the program to think you're cheating makes it a chore to go through school using FOSS software. I just find it frustrating feeling like a second class citizen.

Hello everyone! The site is back online, whooo! We have some changes in mind we hope to implement next month so be on the look out for that! Again, thank you for all the kind words you shared with us while we were offline, we very much appreciate it.

We've been asked about the ability to make donations, if you feel so inclined, you can donate to Braillynn's PayPal directly at
Thank you

Thank you to all of our new subscribers and the positive messages about hating to see us go. We just want to inform you that we're working on things in the background for the relaunch of We plan on making some big changes as we move into year 2.

a dream to share her love of FOSS with the community and use that growth to create a small online presence. Something she had always dreamed of doing.

Take care everyone,


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That due to financial constraints and the world economy that is. will be closing down. While we go on hiatus, know that we do plan to come back stronger than ever, but until that time we'll be thankful for the camaraderie we shared in our love of tech and FOSS. While our social media will still be active and we'll still be available for discussion, we won't have any new updates or blog posts to share. We'd again like to thank everyone who helped us get here and supported a girl with

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Hello to everyone who has read our blog posts and supported us with your thoughts and opinions. has turned 1 years old today and we're very proud of the work we've done! One woman writing articles in her free time has been able to grow a small fan base, partner with some of our favorite companies and learn so much about what the open source world has to offer and to share that with all of you. The journey up to this point in time has been amazing. So it's with a heavy heart that....

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