Hello everyone,

Long time no talk. Some of you may know that our site is no longer here, we haven't been around for around for over a year and so much has happened in that time. We want to thank everyone who supported our work and give you all an update as to where we went. We had some pretty big plans for the site and we wanted to move to a bigger platform to bring more features and a way for everyone to be more involved. However, it didn't work out. There's a few reason's for that too..


We didn't have the funds necessary to move to a bigger platform which was upsetting to us. The author Braillynn felt like they didn't have enough knowledge about Linux to write articles about the goings on in the Linux world. They wrote some articles that they felt were off topic or that the community would not benefit from. She fell into a deep depression and eventually lost interest in the site as her mental health took priority. The site was a great learning experience for her and her love of

writing hasn't faded away. We're sorry to anyone who enjoyed the blog that we just up and vanished on you and hope you can forgive us. For those of you who enjoyed Braillynn's writing, we'll be sure to let you know what her inevitable next project is. Again, thank you all and we hope you have happy holidays and an exciting new year.

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