It looks like our former domain was purchased and now it sells random wares.

Love the light and dark themes/wallpapers provided by Olauncher! One of the best launchers on Also @GrapheneOS has given us stellar battery life on the Pixel 4a.

@LinuxLounge made me think of you. This is at my partner’s school that she works at.

Maybe I'm missing something here @Tutanota but I'm on the latest version of your desktop app under Fedora 34 and I only have the same theme options I've always had, nothing custom about it.

For those curious about our setup, here it is! Running Fedora 34 on an Intel Nuc 8th Gen.

Can’t wait to take our deep dive into the Librem 5 USA! Thank you @purism for the opportunity.

We’ve added a comment section to our website! Now we can better engage with you, the readers! We really look forward to reading your future comments and questions. Thank you.

We've updated our logo, what do you think? Do you like it? Let us know!

Just want to give a shout out to our CHO(Chief Happiness Officer) for keeping morale high. A salute to Chico Rodriguez! .me

Wow, we just watched the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League and it's not even the same movie as Joss Whedon's version. Without a doubt one of the best superhero movies I've ever seen. Worth every hour of the four hour runtime. That cliffhanger too, whoo!

Next blog post will be on the Pinebook Pro running Fedora 33. We'll use the Pinebook Pro to write that blog post. Stay tuned. .me

For anyone curious, this is where we create, edit and post content to .me

She's finally finished! Made sure to include a heatsink on the M.2 drive since it won't have a fan to cool it anymore.

The new case drops our max temp from 95 degrees C to 69 degrees at max load for half an hour. The M.2 NVME drive does get warmer from 32 degrees to 46 degrees(with a heat-sink) but overall I'm happy with the results and lack of noise.

My main rig is getting a shell upgrade! The Alaska Turing case for the Intel Nuc 8th Gen i7.

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