I just sent and received calls between my SIP account and landline phone using my and the native Calls application, and it was pretty exciting.

@kyle I've been using SIP through Calls for a little while now and none of my friends or family even noticed. Until I tried to call my wife from my laptop and the echo was bad (laptop's fault). and pinephone are changing how I use communication tech and it is so exciting. Will be even more exciting on the L5 someday :D

@joao Heh, if I wouldn't have to go through and blur out identifying details I could, but my video editing skills are pretty weak and I fear it'd take me forever to get it right.

@kyle gonna play with sip and gnome-calls on desktop =D

@joao @kyle @devrtz

Compiled a package from the master branch and set up an account on a Fritz!Box to connect to. Didn't work. Any hints?

Which providers do work, yet?

$ export G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all
$ gnome-calls -v -p sip


I've had success with,, and my local ISP.

For my own ISP I actually don't have telephony set up at all in my router and instead used the SIP credentials directly in Calls.

I have to try emulating that setup on my end and see if I run into the same error.

What strikes me as odd is that registering seemed successful?!


For debugging you can also set TPORT_LOG=1 which will print all sent/received SIP messages to stdout.

Also feel free to hit me up on the Calls matrix channel, so we can try getting to the bottom of this :)


Hm, this is funny - I had a call while not at my computer and when I returned it showed me a gnome notification about the missed call (after reboots gnome-calls had been running as a daemon I found).

Still I can't call out, but the registration seems to work this far that gnome-calls gets notified about incoming calls :).

@kyle Super cool! I also saw on the Matrix blog recently that there's some work being done on an Matrix-SIP bridge too.

@kyle wow im beyond impressed at how fast the software and OS are progressing so fast

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