Ran into some trouble with my initial Qubes install on the Librem 14, as apparently changing any options in the disk partitioning unchecks the encryption box and renders it uncheckable. This is clearly a Qubes problem, and not a Purism problem, but it led me down a fun path of reinstalling a dozen times or so. That said, now I’m very well acquainted with PureBoot, my TPM, and my Librem Key.

I’ll work on A Rust Site Engine a bit on the Librem 14 today and see how I like it for Rust development.

Finally got my new Librem 14 with PureBoot setup with Qubes 4.0.4, and restored my qubes from backup. Going from an i5-6300U to an i7-10710U has been great!

Got my first vaccine today courtesy of VA Medical. Shockingly efficient process. Not what I’m used to from VA Med.

Not winning the jetlag game this time around.

Got my hands on my @purism Librem 14 shortly after I got back to the US. Then I went out for tacos while Qubes downloads. Internet here is so slow. And expensive.

From a trip around The Netherlands a few weeks back. Taken with a NEX-6 with an old Pentax K-mount 50mm film lens.

And thus begins my month long vacation. Not bringing either laptops with me. If it breaks my team will have to fix it without me, though I left ample documentation behind. Since I’m pretty sure my AD password expires during my vacation I went ahead and changed it to kick that can down the bad password policy road another 90d.

Looking forward to just chilling for a month. Practicing my violin again. Tacos.

In honor of here's my favorite talk I've given on password policy: Sex, Secret and God: A Brief History of Bad Passwords in a 10-minute Ignite-style talk: opensource.com/article/18/5/br and the full-length talk I gave at BSidesLV 2017: infocondb.org/con/security-bsi

Our PCR tests were nowhere near as bad as I’d be told they would be. Certainly no more painful than spraying a carbonated beverage out one’s nose.

Well, not with these libraries anyway. Can do it in Linux, but not windows.

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Last week I figured out how to use the Nitrokey HSM2 for some critical tasks in my team from my Qubes system, and this week I figured out how to accomplish the same from my corporate laptop using PowerShell and git bash.

Today, I will try to hammer out some to remove the dependency on git bash.

Apologies to everyone being rained on in The Netherlands today. I left the house without an umbrella or rain jacket. This is clearly my fault.

Question for the system programming folks: I have a program that needs to subprocess some tasks to OS built-ins, and would like to have tests validating they work. So far I’ve only managed to take the function in question out and run it stand-alone in a ephemeral VM. Not the most easily automated task unfortunately. I’ve considered perhaps a test harness leveraging a tempdir and chroot, but I’m not sure how sane (or insane) that approach might be. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

2/2 - As a brown man from a state with legendary levels of racist hypocrisy, I understand the response and reaction of the other man. The attendant however appeared to be upholding the standards posted in several languages. In any event, I offered an apology of my own for creating a situation where even the appearance of racial discrimination was possible. This was met with a threat of violence so I broke contact. Battle drill 3 saves the day again, >13 years after my last day of combat...

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Just had an interesting experience as one of two individuals exhibiting similar behavior in a public space. I was not corrected - my lack of a face covering was for the ongoing act of drinking water. Another man was approached by the station attendant and told to put a mask on while recording some kind of media on his phone. His response was to loudly insist the same standard be applied to everyone, the implication being racism was why he was asked and I was not. 1/2

Any @purism Librem 14 owners have a USB-C dock recommendation?

Today, I setup a local version of A Rust Site Engine for my significant other. This uncovered a few bugs in the Windows binary, which were addressed in 0.7.1. Then, while setting her machine up so she could make local edits and have them Just Appear live on the site I made another release, 0.8.0, which removed the Credentials struct entirely. My roadmap has been updated accordingly, and I will focus on performance rather than making an admin portal for a minimal site generator.

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