Welp guess my fiancée is officially Dutch now. Her bike was stolen last night.

Today was not what one might call fun.

Email detailing what was certain to be an exploitable service thanks to extremely bad php and other regrettable decisions. This was followed by our M2M ISP breaking their firewall and taking out *global* communications for almost all of my remote devices.

On the plus side, I’ll hit 40hrs very quickly this week and I’m in no mood to violate my local labor laws by working a second more than that.

Knitting on the train always helps the time fly by.

Pulled into a meeting with a backend provider because “we sent your system a message and you rejected it!”

In the “proof” from their logs was a Java UnknownHostException.

My stay in the meeting was short.

You may be laughing now, but after the zombie apocalypse wipes out the grid and you are calculating cryptocurrency with pencil and paper, I'll be laughing (and cranking) all the way to the (probably by then barter-based) bank!

I dusted off my limited Python skills and modified Nitrokey's "Qubes OEM" installer to add support in anaconda for changing your LUKS passphrase at first boot. With that in place, we can now offer Qubes as a preinstall option: puri.sm/posts/qubes-now-a-prei

@gina we went to the other side of NL today and found hills! Amazing.

Aruba I make ya sudo gonna take ya to a root prompt I wanna own ya pretty momma. Key escrow I now know baby why don't we go. Oh I want to take you down to Ring0 we'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow. That's where we want to go way down to Ring0. threatpost.com/hpe-sudo-bug-ar

Updated to remove an extraneous step:


If you want to use something like a Nitrokey HSM2 for other crypto needs using pkcs11 just install opensc and you're off to the races.

Took my Monroe LN-160x apart for a little cleaning and to diagnose the stuck register in the leftmost column causing it to increment by 50000000 with every addition. A few drops of oil and some fidgeting and it loosened up. Now it's working great.

Another weekend another quick FOSS project to share with whoever might find it useful: CrossBuild is a thing that exists now for providing a container with cross compilation toolchains for ARMv7 and i686. Anyone wishing to add more can surely use a multi-stage Dockerfile to extend what I've already done.


Thanks to the Rust Embedded team's `cross` containers being ancient, and all attempts at updating them appearing to be rejected, I've made my own that appear to work just fine for my needs. Less than 40 lines of notes to get it done. Will share later, it's time for this week to be OVER.

Workaround for a little bit of annoyance between competing daemons snagging my Librem Key:


Well, I made it. The critical set of Bash madness was ported to a new host with a large set of bug fixes such that it now works on purpose. It’s been accidentally working for years. I have to wonder why one sees things like `/home/$USER/yolo` or optional parameters passed around as $optiona through $optionp (okay Bash arrays are awful but come on). Copy pasta of the same block in 24 different files, all of which also source things and contain functions. I don’t have whiskey. Beer will have to do

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Wish me luck as I embark on a time sensitive rewrite of dangerously bad Bash that is unfortunately mission critical. I will require whiskey at the end of this regardless of the outcome.

Started knitting another shawl today. First big item I’ve cast on in a very long time. Makes hours fly by.

Once I got into a rhythm this actually came together very quickly. Made two singles and plied them together.
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