This week was a slam dunk if ever there was one. Every TODO item, no matter how deeply nested, is DONE. Not mad about it at all.

Happy Friyay indeed.

Cleaned the keycaps on my Drop ALT, started spinning another 50g of yarn, worked out how I will revive my website for the modern era with , and made a phenomenal lamb dish for dinner. Not a bad Sunday at all!

A little Monday morning fun with today. I released v0.6.0 of my `connchk` bin+lib crate. This is a breaking change for configuration files, and the README provides the necessary details for users of previous versions to resolve any issues. What's gained from this change are

a) Latency readout for how long successful checks took, and

b) Preservation of target order when results are printed, and

c) Updates to the latest stable releases of dependencies

Still winter outside. This is the first time in my life winter (aka frozen things occurring in nature) has lasted more than 48hrs. 🤯

Stayed up until nearly 0400 reading the entire internet. The children of the neighborhood woke me with their joy at the fresh snow. Now it’s like a winter wonderland. Caty is pleased.

Enjoyed two talks during today. One on imposter syndrome, and another on embedded Linux on RISC-V.

We seem to experience some difficulties with the matrix platform but you can watch video streams live through
clicking "watch live!"

Finally got my own Matrix homeserver running today. Video call performance with my folks back home seemed significantly better. Not mad about it. Got several friends moved over to talking to me there, and made an account for my fiancée. Up next: the rest of my family.

There are a few features I want to add to my crate connchk, but I think I’ll take a tech break this weekend.

Nothing says humpday quite like making sure you’ve patched everything you can patch against recently announced horribad CVE both at work and at home.

Btw we're still having a great time in the #aFediverseChat room on #Matrix: 🎉

There have been interesting discussions about topics like #foss, #federation, #opensource, #phones, #OS, but also non-tech topics and just general hanging out. Anyone can join. ☺️

Focusing on violin for the last year has taken a toll on my guitar playing. The two feel almost mutually exclusive in everything but tonal range. Not sure what I’ll do with this realization.

Dissatisfied with the various offerings of the Fediverse, I decided to read the (current) prominent standard to see how it works. Now I understand why the UX across the Fediverse is so painful. ActivityPub and ActivityStreams do nothing to define a concretely interoperable set of services. They just list some open ended, and wholly optional, possibilities for what could be.

Welp, used netplan for the first time today. Didn’t burst into flames or anything.

Released connchk v0.5.0 today, close on the heels of v0.4.0 and as a major refactor. The tool is now available as a library crate as well as a binary crate. To avoid breaking any existing user's TOML declarations there's an additional layer of abstraction, but now the full set of defined resources can be tested in parallel.

Released v0.4.0 of connchk today. Execution of TCP and HTTP connectivity checks now take place in parallel.

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