Time to end my stay in the fediverse where everything is three times more complicated than it was a decade ago while managing to also be a sixteenth as functional.

Fueled somewhat by a heavy dose of imposter syndrome for being a mechanical engineer who spends his professional time writing software and managing a team of DevOps engineers, I have started going through SICP and another course on data structures and algorithms. May not help any with the imposter syndrome but it’s at least interesting.

I've updated my EMacs config to remove EVIL mode. We'll see how this goes. Lately the modal way has caused more friction than it's worth, and after two decades of piloting vi(m) it's not like I'll forget anyway.

More solidly embodying my oldness by throwing my back out yesterday. Possibly the least enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.

New keycaps for my Drop ALT. When I saw the nod to the space race I knew I had to buy them.

"Today was my last day at Oracle, and thus also in the MySQL team. [...] MySQL is a pretty poor database, and you should strongly consider using Postgres instead."



Ownership isn't about possession, it's about control. When hackers "own" a computer, they don't physically have it, instead they compromised it so thoroughly that they have full remote control. If you physically have a computer, but someone else has control, they own it.

This is one reason why the shift from a trackpoint mouse to a touchpad wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be, even though I used to be as die-hard about it as other Thinkpad users. I just don't use the mouse that much in either case.

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I imagine folks that do everything from a web browser won't understand, but I can't stress how important keyboard-friendly UI is for speed. It's even more important with typing-heavy apps like chat. Every time my hand moves to a mouse it slows everything way down.

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Time to board my flight back to the US. Had a wonderful time in The Netherlands, even with the unfortunate circumstances of the pandemic showing up shortly after I arrived.

Last night in Delft. House is clean. Bags are packed. There are certainly worse places to find yourself during a pandemic. I’ll surely return.

Done with my last week of work in NL. Next week I pack it all up and move back to Texas.

Pick a random consumer device lying around your house and imagine someone coming across it after 70 years of neglect. Part of the device no longer works. Would they be able to fix it? puri.sm/posts/beyond-right-to-

Getting close to boarding time for my flight back to .nl so I can pack up and move back to .us

If you were wondering how to get the Bluetooth to work on your Librem 14 it's pretty simple - just install the non-free firmware-atheros from Debian Bullseye. If you're not sure how to do that:


Purism's App Developer, Dorota Czaplejewicz shows how she used PulseAudio to play sounds from the laptop on her 📢

How do you fund free software sustainably? In this post I talk about some of the main approaches, the problems with some funding models, and specifically how (and why) Purism takes the approach we do. puri.sm/posts/how-purism-funds

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