And it did appear on my RSS feed, finally confirming that this actually works

I wrote a status update! There's no guarantee that there'll ever be another one, but it's nice to have been able to spend some time writing code this month :)

I dusted off the computer I got in university. It had a dual boot: 7 and 12.04! Unfortunately could not remember any of the passwords

Hello from my docked to my new ! I really feel like I'm living in the future here.

I received my today! Ordered in July 2019. Exciting times!

I replaced my personal laptop with a Librem 5 and laptop dock for a week. Here are my impressions: So, orders from October 2017 are expected to be shipped by May. Which means that my order from July 2019 won't be here by ... the fall? the end of the year? :(

Just received the , which was apparently sent on November 17th x)

Librem 5 Mass Production Phone Has Begun Shipping

"Shipping the Librem 5 has been an immense multi-year developmental effort. It is the culmination of people’s desire to see an alternative to Android and iOS..."

Two on-site job postings added today: more (including remote work) will get posted in the future.

I'm having a great time.
$ rmdir content/
rmdir: failed to remove 'content/': No such file or directory
$ mkdir content
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘content’: File exists

@manhack ce n'est pas avec une pétition que l'on fait pression sur Google, c'est en arrêtant d'utiliser ses services (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Analytics...) et en remplaçant la ROM de son tél Android par une utilisant fdroid ou en achetant un téléphone sous GNU/Linux comme un #Pine64 ou un #Librem5

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