1- Installing it is difficult and scary
2- You can't just "install Linux" - there are choices to be made (distro, SE) that you don't even know how to make
3- It's harder to find the software you're used to, and know how to install it
1- and 2- can be mitigated by using LiveCD to try things, installing it on that old computer that we all have lying around, and just going with default Ubuntu. 3- takes a lot of getting used to.

And it did appear on my RSS feed, finally confirming that this actually works

I wrote a status update! kevinguillaumond.com/en/2024/0 There's no guarantee that there'll ever be another one, but it's nice to have been able to spend some time writing code this month :)

I dusted off the computer I got in university. It had a dual boot: 7 and 12.04! Unfortunately could not remember any of the passwords

@julianfairfax @zeroday @agx @deedend @devrtz @purism I thought Signal didn't like 3rd party apps connecting to their servers? Has that changed or will they eventually prevent Flare from reaching them? I'm planning to daily drive my Librem 5 and that's my biggest concern at the moment

Hello from my docked to my new ! I really feel like I'm living in the future here.

@kyle I'm on Mastodon too! Mostly reading for now.. It was great talking to you :)

I received my today! Ordered in July 2019. Exciting times!

@toddsundsted @kyle In my view, software engineering isn't writing code, it's translating business requirements into something a computer can understand. It's just that we currently use code to achieve that. Maybe our natural path forward will eventually make us "robot psychologists", as in Asimov's Foundation

@dusnm And people who don't have a data plan. I visited NYC recently and ran into that problem several times.

@craftyguy !!! good point. I'll double-check that; maybe I gave up too early there.

@craftyguy git repo checked out in a subfolder like ~/.dotfiles + custom script to create/update the right symlinks? That's what I'm working towards. I tried making the home folder itself the git repo (as explained in drewdevault.com/2019/12/30/dot for example) but it doesn't really work because ~/.gitignore is picked up by every other git repo anywhere under ~/

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