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Hey fediverse!

I’m a Californian living in Sverige 🇸🇪.

I’m interested in
🤖 -fi
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The only pragmatic option for any hopeful contender challenging the Android—iOS duopoly is to bet on the Web.

You might say, “I don’t need official apps. Those services have public APIs and I can build a Linux client.” Except for Twitter, I haven’t used a third-party app better than the official app. And many companies—like Fitbit—explicitly prohibit recreation of primary experiences.

I love what Purism is doing with its Librem phone, but I do not believe native Linux apps are a viable strategy. If Microsoft could not convince major app makers to support Windows Phone with its incredible UWP developer experience, I do not have hope for native Linux apps.

I still want a Firefox OS tablet with stylus, like a Surface or iPad Pro, running a Firefox-powered Chrome OS with optional developer mode to run VS Code and related Web dev tools.

The Hamilton Instrumentals album is an excellent way to enjoy Hamilton while having to write words or code.

People like to complain about Google AMP for good reasons, but have you tried simply not using Google for search? DuckDuckGo answers 95% of my searches effectively these days—and no AMP!

Emerson classmates who are now screenwriters in Hollywoo, get on this. ✌️

“The Wellfallen”: A 24 episode, 3 season series on the fictional family at the center of the rise of the religious right in America, their corruption and complicit actions that elect a fascist, and the wild implosion that swings America into democratic socialism.

If you must use gears to represent settings or a developer platform, at least use mechanically correct gears.

Excellent tool for generating them:

Analog clock faces on screen-based watches are skeuomorphic. Analog clock faces take more mental effort and time to read. We will look back and laugh about this clinging to nostalgia.

Apple has every competitive advantage in the world. Why is it being abusively anticompetitive by manipulating its app store search results?

“I thought wasn’t it a good thing that Eve did, isn’t curiosity a valuable quality? Shouldn’t she be praised for risking this? It wasn’t, after all, that she was after money or gold or anything, she was after knowledge. What could possibly be wrong with that?” —Philip Pullman

I can’t wait to visit America in a few weeks to try this ✌️White Claw✌️ the Internet memes have informed me about all summer.

Equifax appears to be trying to get out of its cash settlement offer by requiring additional information long after claims were filed. Check your email.

A friend uses Facebook Messenger. I proposed a restaurant for dinner. Facebook would not let me share the restaurant’s website because it said it violated its community standards. I wonder if it showed something offensive like a woman’s nipple or a terrorist training video at some point. /s

Yo , can you please add the ISO 8601 week number to the Date object? I am kinda surprised it’s not already there.

It’s 2019 and Google Chrome and its bloodline (Edge, Brave, Opera) still do not support SVG favicons.

OH: "I'm surprised more dads aren't upset about climate change, since I've seen how angry they get when anyone changes the thermostat."

Do you know of an open source alternative to SketchUp? (Blender is not it.) Bonus points for being Web based. All of the iPad apps are monthly subscriptions.

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