Don’t forget folks. At fosstodon, we’re here to discuss software. Sometimes we’re the teacher, sometimes we’re the student. And arguments are great! It’s what makes science what it is! But humility is incredibly important. We also don’t want to waste each others time with comments like “I disagree”, or “that’s dumb”. So here’s a helpful guide.

I need @EU_Commission to force airplanes to adopt USB-C power ports too so I can stop carrying a Type A and Type C cables.

I am now posting from

@purism currently is running a long outdated version of Mastodon with a bug preventing me from forwarding my followers automatically. So please follow me there!

I keep getting confused as to why people are acting all confused about how Mastodon works. It works like Twitter used to work! And then I realize: Twitter hasn't worked like this for 10+ years, a lot of people don't remember when Twitter was like Mastodon is now.

#JsonApi is by no means perfect, but at this point I'm pretty certain that anything less in functionality than JSON:API will eventually mean pain and terrible hacks.
Please do learn from good, widely adopted standards instead of trying to be smart.
APIs are *extremely* hard and you *will not* be able to see everything that your app will need.

The Apple Watch Ultra I bought in the US does not work on European cellular carriers. 🤦‍♂️

That is annoying and was not adequately communicated by Apple at purchase.

✨ Introducing InboxFilter

A new approach to fediverse safety. Exclusive to Pixelfed.

⚡ Curate unknown instances before processing activities
⚡ Inspect unknown instance reputation w/ our community db
⚡ Reject activities from bad actors automatically, or manually

InboxFilter will be optional, and allows you to set trusted instances, and use community consensus to determine if activities should require human/admin approval.

Shipping soon! #pixelfed #inboxFilter #safety

I look forward to search engines like DuckDuckGo and Google having specialized search capabilities for fediverse posts.

…like everything else on the Web

…because this is just the Web.

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Given the explosive demand and margin for e-bikes, I am surprised more established motorcycle companies are not making them.

grocery store chains: we set record profits this year

retail chains: we've never made so much money

energy companies: we just posted our best quarter on record

news article: who is to blame for inflation? you peasants wanting wages, probably

I am confused by people posting openly on the Web and thinking they are not performing an act in public.

Search is useful and necessary. Hashtags are not enough.

Each post on Mastodon is a mini blog post on the Web that should be indexed using the same rules and tools as everything else on the Web.

Mutuals-only would be a useful feature to add, private accounts already exist, and noindex meta data already exists to ask search engines to exclude you.


I just froze my credit report on all 3 US credit reporting agencies and—dear gourds—that was a difficult 2 hours of my life as a US American-Swede living abroad.

They do not like access from outside the US and they also do not like VPNs. It is a continuation of the US policy that the only Americans who want to live abroad are terrorists or tax evaders.

An estimated 10 million US Americans live abroad. That is more than the population of 40 US states.

Happy April Fools day to everyone who thinks the US date format is weird 🎉

Computers used to scream out in pain when we connected them to the Internet.

This was a clue and we just didn't listen.

Copyright is cultural crime.

De La Soul’s music is only now coming to streaming services in March 2023 because of sample clearance issues and label disputes that had reduced the artists’ royalties to 10%.

🚨BREAKING: Following noyb litigation, @meta (Facebook and Instagram) has been prohibited from using personal data for advertisement.
The #GDPR decision signals a major blow to Meta's business model in Europe, as Meta faces a € 390 Mio fine.

I have been watching the Interledger Summit 2022 session recordings incrementally over the last few weeks.

Unexpected delightful surprise was @todd presenting how @purism (the privacy-centric open source laptop and smart phone) stubbed out an entire two-sided app store marketplace based on Interledger and its related in-progress projects.

2023 is going to be breakout year for open payments.

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