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Hey fediverse!

I’m a Californian living in Sverige 🇸🇪.

I’m interested in
🤖 -fi
👬 🏳️‍🌈

Peloton won’t yet sell me a bike in Sverige, but I am proud to have completed 150 strength workouts!


Reading the results of the 2020 survey and disappointed that a lot of you are missing out on the awesomeness that is modern Ember.js.

Get out of your React world. It’s not worth it. I’ll never go back.

Storytelling is hard, but I have to tell the story I am working on. I don't know how journalists do this regularly.

I learned last night Apple will repair MacBook Pros with the shitty butterfly keyboards for free. I booked an appointment today, then learned I missed the repair window by 90 days.

Sucks that I will have to upgrade eventually just because of a fucked up keyboard.

May you have more friends asking you to subscribe to their OnlyFans than their Substack newsletters.

What is the non-violent alternative to “killer feature”?

My MozFest session proposal got rejected. Happy birthday to me.

Any other conferences want to premier a wild ass idea for how IoT products should be architected for privacy without sacrificing usability?

Republicans are going all Michelle Obama and encouraging Democrats to take the high road.

They have not once called on their own party leadership or members to do the same in the last 4 years.

Also, the high road involves not tolerating abuses of executive power.

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Why is it that Republicans only care about unity when they lose?

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Republicans in the House doubling down on Trump support after last week’s failed coup by their party’s members is quite something to watch.

I swear Apple’s grammar check is incorrect 99% of the time. I have lost count of the number of times iOS has autoincorrected “its” to “it’s”.

An impeachment conviction can have the punishment of being ineligible from seeking office again.

Do it, new Congress.

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Thank you to the majority of Georgian voters for accelerating the death of the Republican party.

I regret to inform you of the death of my sourdough starter and my general desire to bake sourdough bread. I will just buy that shit.

Whatever happened to the idiosyncratic industrial design for personal electronics from the 2000s?

They might not have been the most usable devices, but man, they were glorious.

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