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Hey fediverse!

I’m a Californian living in Sverige 🇸🇪.

I’m interested in
🤖 -fi
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What’s the best iPhone app to do a 3D LiDAR scan of a home interior? I’m moving next week and want to do a scan when it’s empty to help with future remodeling and decorating.

The WebExtensions API standard supported by Firefox and Safari may have started as a copy of Chrome’s extensions API, but it has evolved in more feature rich and thoughtful ways that make developing a Chrome extension frustrating by comparison.

In fiction, the metaverse is only popular because reality is too awful to endure and humans need an escape.

Facebook fucking up the real world is just its long game to make virtual reality finally appeal to the masses.

He bought a NFT of a GIF and felt happy, but then he died when his home planet burned down.

Update: I gave up and am just manually running tsc && tailwindcss && cp

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I just had a pleasant customer service experience with the California Franchise Tax Board.

The representative was courteous, knowledgeable, and—most importantly—empowered to correct an egregious error on the FTB’s side.

(This is not me. I'm all-in on Thunderbolt and the only memory card I have touched in the last 5 years was for my Nintendo Switch.)

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I prefer to use separate cables for my monitor, power, and peripherals.

I prefer to use physical media cards because my other equipment still doesn't have gigabit Wi-Fi.

Who am I?

The professional Apple pandered to in creating the new MacBook Pro.

Linux on the notebook now means getting an inferior OS, inferior CPU/GPU, inferior battery life, and inferior display.

This is what the open/libre ecosystem is up against now. Unless you’re Snowden, no one would accept these tradeoffs.

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Intel keeps getting its ass handed to it by Apple silicon.

There’s nothing remotely close to comparable to Apple’s notebook line.

Lots of companies *could* do what Apple does, but no one does. It’s not even a competition at this point.

If you are looking forward to returning to an office because your office is nicer than your home, your employer should pay you more.

Stripe is looking for a staff engineer to lead an evolution of its legacy data ETL tools onto a modern data platform. It’s an important role at an incredible company doing ambitious work.

available in Sverige, Ireland, España, Deutschland

Early in my career, a CEO told me I couldn’t be a moral person. He said he couldn’t support my (gay) marriage. He brought my sex life into the office conversation.

This is why employee resource groups matter. Here is how I started one.

I gotta doozy of a blog post coming out tomorrow morning: a personal story I have wanted to share for over a decade and a resource to help prevent similar trauma.

Ignore the trailer.

“Q-Force” on Netflix is hilarious queer cartoon excellence!

🤣 🏳️‍🌈 💖

I’m really happy and life is fucking good. I wish the same for you.

the dude who has a 6pt font on his blog is whining about Safari 15’s tab usability

It’s adorable that Quora thinks I $5/month like it to subscribe.

Sorry honey child, you are not OnlyFans. Better off adopting .

Swedish English lesson

Apartment in American English = 100% home you rent

Apartment in Swenglish = ownership or rentership ambiguous, just means a multi-unit dwelling

Condo in US: 100% home you own

Condo in Swenglish = [confused looks]

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