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Hey fediverse!

I’m a Californian living in Sverige 🇸🇪.

I’m interested in
🤖 -fi
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Privacy is a human right. A messaging app like Signal is engineered to prevent the non-profit from being able to comply with a similar law enforcement request. Facebook can and must do better.

Just had a question about this, thought it might be useful to answer as a post:

There are lots of different server types on the Fediverse, but they talk to each other using a common standard called ActivityPub.

This means you don't need to be on the same server type to interact.

For example, if you're on a Mastodon server you can have a conversation with someone on a Friendica server.

This works even when the server types are very different. People on Mastodon etc can like, comment and share videos from @peertube or follow livestreaming accounts on @owncast. (To see examples, take a look at @FediVideos)

This process is so seamless that you may not even be aware you're interacting with people from other server types. If you're a Mastodon user, try clicking on @bobfisherphoto and it will look like a Masto account, but it's actually a @pixelfed account. To see what an account "really" looks like, click on the avatar on its profile page.

#Fediverse #ActivityPub

I just found out that @codeberg ia doing custom domain for pages. So you can host your pages on Codeberg and use your own domain. Lot of people stuck with GitHub because it provided pages. Now a lot of people can move to Codeberg and become free from GitHub. Amazing news.

Is there a GitHub / GitLab equivalent based in and hosted in the EU?

Seems like a massive gap / opportunity in the EU cloud tech ecosystem.

Current options are either just Git (no CI/CD) for FOSS or too expensive for personal use.

I’m going to need the cute cis-het allies to pin an A on their wardrobe for the next few days. Thank you for your compliance and not toying with our queer fantasies.

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Cute straight allies all rainbowed up for this week are hella confusing.

You should watch “Seaspiracy”. Industrial fishing is more harmful than I ever imagined. There is no such thing as sustainable seafood. And your plastic straw is actually fine.

✌️ 🛵 🏳️‍🌈 🇸🇪 🇪🇺

Does anyone remember Parable ThingMaker, a Flash alternative that GeoCities championed? It seems to be erased from Web history.

Lululemon emailed me about “around-the-clock” attire that showed men in shorts at nighttime and it’s cute they think I live somewhere where that happens in the summer.

“There is no vaccine against monkeypox available in Sweden.” —Folkhälsomyndigheten (Public Health Agency of Sverige)

So…doing anything about that? Can we fund the mRNA vaccine folks to do their magic again?

The "wartime/peacetime" manager language bothers me because I think there is a notable difference between OKRs and QBRs and, ya know, actual bombs killing people, which is happening every day in Ukraïna.

Word choice matters.

Demilitarize your communication.

From CEOs to individual contributors, here are the top 5 objections to I’ve heard and how I respond as a manager.

2022-07-18 /now page update

👯 Some return to socializing
🇸🇪 Midsommar
🤠 Annual Texas trip
🦠 ’Rona hits home
🌵 Lots of little things

Finnair saving my ass twice in one month is building up some new loyalty with a new alliance.

I’m real. I piggybacked from a pizza dough freezer.

Hey , is there a client that properly deals with Twitter user references (e.g.

Seems very dumb that Mastodon does not.

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