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Hey fediverse!

I’m a Californian living in Sverige 🇸🇪.

I’m interested in
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It's 2589 BC. The Egyptians were building the Giza Pyramids. You are immortal, and you are aware of it.

You had $0. You decided to save up $10,000 every day, never spending a cent, not even for food or shelter.

4609 years later, it's 2020. You still only have only one-fifth the average fortune of the 5 richest billionaires.

Eat the rich.

I know it’s been 3 years, but I miss my birb. 🦜😢

The digital equivalent of a campaign yard sign is a social media profile header.

Get your social media header images here:

Senator Warren makes me feel the hope President Obama inspired—only this time with actual realistic plans to make it happen and no delusion about bipartisanship.

I don’t know if these problems have gotten worse since I left America 3 years ago, but my heart broke every day this week because of them. I would rather pay a 50% tax rate in the middle class and have these problems solved, like in Sverige.

This is not a dig at San Francisco.

This is shame for a country that has a bunch of billionaires, but doesn’t tax them enough to guarantee everyone a minimum level of decency.

Bus-, bike-, and taxi-only Market St is 💯. The new Muni and BART busses and trains are a nice improvement, but they’re filled with sick people who need healthcare.

I walked through a lot of shit on sidewalks in Morocco.

But I had to come to America to walk through blood, vomit, *and* shit on sidewalks.

On this Presidents’ Day, all I can think of is how much I want .

Want to work on some awesome API integrations used by the world’s leading product design teams? InVision is hiring.

We should we replace the todo list app as the quintessential app framework example with an Iowa caucus tabulation app.

What’s that? You think caucuses suck and should be replaced with ranked choice voting? Yeah, me too.

“The Circle” on Netflix is the best reality tv show I have watched since the first season of Big Brother in the US.

It reminded me of how we behaved to each other online in the aughts before Facebook and Twitter ruined the Web and everything else.

Dear UK,

May your union dissolve.

May your economy collapse.

May you become the textbook example of the negative consequences of modern isolationism.

The EU looks forward to your return as a shadow of your former self.

The garbage fire that is iPad multitasking is a good example of what happens when you start with an oversimplified interface paradigm and then just bolt more complex stuff on later, because you're afraid of people rejecting change.

💥 One of the creepiest things Facebook does is allow companies to send your data to it. You can now delete it.

1️⃣ Go to and “Clear History”.

2️⃣ Click “More Options” in the right menu and click “Manage Future Activity”, toggle the switch off.

Where are all my former buddies and developers?? 😃

I am disappointed so many of the people who tweet about and have not setup a Mastodon account somewhere. It’s federated. It works well. There is Twitter cross-posting to ease the transition. I subscribe to .

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