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Hey fediverse!

I’m a Californian living in Sverige 🇸🇪.

I’m interested in
🤖 -fi
👬 🏳️‍🌈

EU companies are in for a shock as the best software engineers leave to work for US-based companies offering much higher salaries and remote work.

Microsoft announced a new laptop in 2021 that still uses a proprietary port for charging, still does not have Thunderbolt port, and uses a CPU a generation behind.

Just tweeting in case you were wondering if the company was still disconnected from reality.


For those who want to check if their data has been leaked through Facebook.

People who keep typing EST after DST starts


SolarWinds sponsored a post in my LinkedIn newsfeed about its rebranding as “N-able”.

I commented that I hope the were becoming less “hack-able”.

Their brand manager got defensive and really wishes everyone would forget how their ineptitude put US national security at risk.

I just learned “gay Siri” is close enough to trigger “hey Siri” effectively and will use it from now on.

In high school, my Español class watched an educational telenovela called “Destinos”. We never finished the series and I randomly thought about it today.

Thankfully, Wikipedia has a synopsis of the plot so I do not have to watch all 52 episodes.

I have not once wished I lived back in the US in the 4 years since leaving.

But seeing so many of my American friends my age now getting their first vaccine shots sure is making me jealous.

I am way too clumsy to have wood floors in my home.

And apparently every person who lived in my home before me was also clumsy.

Maybe it’s not me. Maybe wood is a shit material for flooring.

This is such a shameless piece of self-serving bullshit, it should be comic. But it's not. It's terrifying. It's exactly the kind of "solution" that low-information lawmakers love - something that lets them "get tough on a bad actor" without risking campaign contributions.

Don't be bamboozled. Please. The answer to Facebook will not come from Facebook. You can't fix something from the inside that shouldn't exist in the first place.


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A Jehovah’s Witness put a lot of effort into writing my husband a full page letter about Easter. I almost feel bad for them. Time is such a precious gift to waste trying to convince someone of your personal delusion. Religious proselytizing is a mundane hobby.

Zuck's proposal to fix the problem of Facebook, then, is "We should fix Facebook by not changing Facebook at all, and making it illegal to make a service that interoperates with Facebook, starving it of the monopoly rents it uses to evade real regulation."


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The rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination is awful. I donated to anti-racist organizations. I have retweeted. Some of my Asian friends have posted they appreciate it, but have had enough of non-Asian people checking in on them. I don’t know how to help.

Just added 3 new EU alternatives to the US cloud infrastructure companies to

Many of these are OpenStack public cloud providers, which is great, but OpenStack still is not something I can recommend unconditionally.

ICYMI: Cross-site HTTP Referer is gone.

Help fellow bloggers out by adding a meta tag to your blog and URL parameter to your outbound links.

`<meta name="referrer" content="no-referrer-when-downgrade"/>`


More info:

2021-03-21 /now page update

😷 Third wave of the pandemic
💉 No vaccine for us until July, probably
🎄 Holidays & birthdays for 2
☃️ I finally learned to love winter
📷 Snowy Stockholm photos

Is there an OpenAPI Spec doc for WebDAV I can reference?

Someone just wrote me a long email saying “software engineer” is a misnomer and that programmers do not deserve the classification because “real” engineers’ work cannot fail as often as software and programmers do not use scientific principles.

How should I respond?

You want food to be high in fiber, but not taste high in fiber, ya know?

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