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Hey fediverse!

I’m a Californian living in Sverige 🇸🇪.

I’m interested in
🤖 -fi
👬 🏳️‍🌈

I wanted to know which articles on my website received payments from Coil subscribers.

Using @plausible Analytics, I am able to track API events.

I wrote a brief tutorial if anyone else is curious:

I preferred when people blogged instead of email newslettered.

Ransom DDoS attacks were an expensive common problem for even small businesses before Cloudflare and Fastly.

For people advocating for decentralization after : How can a small e-commerce company defend itself from DDoS ransom without big tech?

A well designed product must not only give the user a super power, it must also not make the person using it more vulnerable while using it.

I am still impressed by Apple’s engineering privacy into the foundation of so many of its announcements yesterday.

Reminder: Apple prohibits Firefox and other Web browsers from allowing extensions in their iOS apps.

I don't want Universal Control. I don't want to have to own both an iPad and a Mac for creating. I want a macOS device with a touch and pen input.

If you are successful in Apple’s ecosystem, Apple will profit heavily from you.

True success is when Apple copies your best ideas, then kills you thru commoditization.

Any day now the dogecoin people will start a campaign to make RuPaul’s “Rock It (To the Moon)” number 1 on streaming music services.

terms of service that still reference CD-ROMs

I’m just a guy begging Apple for a way to paste on the iPhone more easily than the cursor tap-pause-scan menu-tap and change holding hand-3 finger opposite hand pinch out methods today.

The devil has enough advocates.

Instead, serve the devil’s avocado and see how it tastes.

😈 🥑

💥 Just published my Remote Async Work zine!

It’s 5 articles about what I have learned managing a remote team at a fully distributed company for the last 3 years.

Responsive design means you have to find a way to love a design 4 different ways.

Kubernetes needs the equivalent of WordPress’s famous 5 minute install.

My mom would have been 59 today. She died of cervical cancer at 34.

This cancer can be stopped. Various strains of the HPV cause most cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine is approved for adults under 45. Get it for yourself. Get your children vaccinated, regardless of gender.

US Americans don’t realize how lucky they are and how the rest of the world is still desperate for vaccines.

They are returning to pre-pandemic life, vacationing, eating indoors fearlessly while the rest of us watch them jealously on social media.

Is there a scientific explanation for why if I get 8 hours of sleep, but suffered from insomnia in the middle, I still feel like shit?

“No Meetings Wednesday” sounds like an amazing company policy until the reality of “More Meetings Thursday” hits.

What is the best , alternative to
Codecov/Code Climate/Coveralls?

(Reposts appreciated!)

I am still thinking about this finale today. So powerful.

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