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In 2020, I read “The Daily Stoic” by Ryan Holiday. I started and ended each day with a stoic meditation. I found it helpful. I’ve decided to reread it in 2023.

Another fantastic #DataVisualization #SocialScience work by John Burn-Murdoch at FT:

"Millennials are shattering the oldest rule in politics: Western conservatives are at risk from generations of voters who are no longer moving to the right as they age"

There's a housing crisis in many cities. But cars can park free. Why not claim public street-space for those who need it? If you disguise your shelter as a polluting, duly-licensed private vehicle, like artist Michael Rakowitz did...
...the authorities should be fine with it.

More on this thought-provoking art project here:

If a website owner has no presence in the US, does someone from Louisiana have the ability to sue a company for not complying with its ridiculous law?

If Meta allows Trump back on its platform, it will be time to do to Instagram what we did to Twitter: move it to the fediverse. ✊

I am forever grateful to him for building & popularizing Mastodon, but I don't think @Gargron should be working on features at all right now.

Instead, he and the Mastodon non-profit (and a whole bunch of others) should be figuring out governance for collectively making decisions about Mastodon. Features in the Fediverse shouldn't be up to one guy, or even one company.

That's the whole point of the Fediverse. We do this together, or not at all.

If you're excited that things are entering the #PublicDomain — which you should be! — perhaps it's worth considering reforming copyright.

In many places currently it's 70 years after the death of the author, or longer. This is insanity.

An important piece of culture made by a young author could be locked behind copyright (with rights usually held by publishers, not authors themselves anyway) for over a *century*.

That's how you get #Disney to own almost everything.

Reform #copyright!

#Sweden seems to be pushing back on the digital #sovereignty ideology and I am living for it! Europe’s digital sovereignty - at least the way the Commission applies it - will only lead to a #fragmented Internet! The #fairshare debate is a case in point!

Stockholm COVID-19 wastewater numbers are worst they have been since the omicron outbreak. No one seems to care.

At my dentist in Stockholm and I swear this whole waiting room is coughing. I’m masked, but no one else is.

“Putin stole childhood from our children.” —Volodymyr Zelenskyy to David Letterman

Powerful interview with humanity and comedy, even in war. (The NATO joke… zomg)

I use for Content Security Policy (CSP) reports on my personal website.

Erroneous reports caused by browser extensions flood any usefulness of having reporting.

• style-src-elem inline violation on URL that contains no inline CSS
• frame-ancestors violation on a URL that contains no iframes and cite source-file of "safari-web-extension://…"

Is there anything being done by browsers to fix this? Should I just give up on reporting?

/cc @jaffathecake @troyhunt


"The key word is joy. It can be fun. Just full stop. Just because it makes you smile. Count your smiles. How much fun are you having? How many mornings do you wake up with a grin on your face?" -- @Nova

This is so awesome.

If you invested in Web 3 one year ago, today it’s worth Web 0.87.

The state of multi-room audio is 💩.

Sonos & Heos are expensive and don’t offer every type of speaker connectivity situation common in existing homes.

AirPlay 2 is good option, but vendor locks to Apple ecosystem. Source device cannot get too far away from target device, just like Bluetooth. Spotify does not support AirPlay 2 multi-room.

There is a huge opportunity for relegated home audio players and a powerful outsider like Spotify to define an open industry standard and rally.

People Hate the Idea of Car-Free Cities—Until They Live in One

Removing cars from urban areas means lower carbon emissions, less air pollution, and fewer road traffic accidents. So why are residents so resistant?

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