Answer: in tsconfig.json, add compilerOptions.lib = ["es2018"]

The lack of `"dom"` will remove `window` globals.

I want to use `node-fetch` because Node.js annoyingly does not have `fetch`, but TypeScript keeps complaining `fetch` was also declared in lib.dom.d.ts. This is a Node.js-only app, which does not have DOM. How do I fix this other than renaming the import?

Using an Apple Card backed by Goldman Sachs—who admitted “serious misconduct” and was fined $5B for its role in the 2008 financial crisis—is the tech equivalent of rolling coal.

Does anyone else have to turn their Wi-Fi off and on after reconnecting to a network from sleep in order to actually connect? Both my personal and work MacBook Pro laptops have this problem on most Wi-Fi networks.

Inspired by Mozilla’s anti tracking policy, Apple wrote its own WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy for Safari. It’s good.

I spoke Swedish in my dream for the first time after about 8 months of daily app practice. I only said one sentence: “Jag är vegetarian.”

@skiring Please add me to Digital Rights, Distributed Networks, Expat in Europe, Javascript, LGBTQI, Privacy, Programming, Sweden, Technology.

Hey fediverse!

I’m a Californian living in Sverige 🇸🇪.

I’m interested in
🤖 -fi
👬 🏳️‍🌈

If you're new to Mastodon and the Fediverse, you may be looking for ways to connect with people.

Here are some suggestions:

✅ Do a post telling the world a little bit about yourself with the hashtag #Introductions

✅ Visit the opt-in community directory Trunk to find people to follow, it's organised by topic:

✅ Use hashtags! These are the only way to search the fediverse, so they make your posts much easier to discover.

More #MastoTips:

CSS Grid is such a beautiful abstraction. In less than 3 hours of studying it, I am creating magazine layouts on the Web my yearbook teacher in high school would be proud of.

Pssttt… The best perk of an membership is its access to O’Reilly Learning (fka Safari Books Online). ACM costs $75 for your first year, much less than O’Reilly Learning. Be sure to sign up with your personal email address.

@robey I do not think people are worried enough about climate change.

The brain drain at npm continues to concern me. I keep wondering why its board of directors does not intervene.

Yarn won’t save us because it uses npm’s registry.

Entropic seems promising, but I think a better effort would be to bring Deno’s URL-based module loading to Node. 🤔

The only way leaf blowers could get louder is if Dyson makes one.

@alex It's a real word! To be fair, I would not have known it if my given name were different.

My best 2019 tech conference talk idea is just a jeremiad of things I like that aren’t popular but should be.

2019 might be the first year since 2013 I don’t speak at a conference. 2018–2019 have been rebuilding years professionally. I don’t have anything insightful to say about them yet. Not a big enough audience interested in my thoughts on Firefox extensions or FitbitOS watchfaces.

IT DOESN’T NEED AMP. It’s entirely static, is as fast as or faster than AMP sites, and is served from a fast global CDN with aggressive caching.

I’m INCREDIBLY tired of Google abusing their position as the global search monopoly to push their tech on sites or fear being demoted.

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