Hey conference organizers, Brexit means conferences should no longer be held in London.

Wednesday, 14:00: Ikea has shipped replacement and is not requiring me to return the broken pots! 🪴

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Sunday: Oh yay! I can order nice terracotta pots from Ikea and have them delivered. 🙌

Tuesday, 20:00: They’re here! Time to repot plants! 🥳

Tuesday: 20:10: The pots did not survive shipping. 😞

So sweet that we live in a decade when people can just realize they're gay or bi and just go for it, instead of beating themselves up, and maybe beating others up, over it.


Does just reducing one’s intake of meat, dairy, and eggs significantly reduce mortality?

Science says yup!

Better for you. Better for the planet.


The Kremlin’s threats that it would take “reciprocal steps” for the “grave mistake” of Sverige & Suomi is fascinating word choice.

Rossiya is the bully without friends whose victims are now besties.

2022-05 update on my financial bets on the future (crowdfunding investments, crowd loans, and non-bullshit cryptocurrency)


I am here for the folktronica and fucking with Putin! ! Yay Ukraïna!

There’s a greater concentration of CO₂ in the water than in the air. This approach, powered by solar energy and attached to an existing desalination plant, can capture more carbon in less volume. As more places by oceans need fresh water, perhaps an aligned interest.


Anything Apple can do, Google will announce years later, abandon, and kill unapologetically after a reorg.

The Sixth Sense was a very weird sequel to The Fifth Element. And The Seventh Seal just muddied things further.

“Wasn’t only a building,
you lived in and left behind

You left your children and with them,
came your bloodline

Even though you’ve left here, believe me,
you’ll never die

There will always be a little bit of you in I”

Happy 60th, mom.


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@tchambers link to source so we can follow the ongoing work?

Any US Americans living abroad have a certified financial planner they would recommend? Bonus points for Sverige knowledge.

It’s my 25th Mother’s Day without my mom, but I love all the happy things many of you are posting today and I am so proud of the women in my life who are incredible moms.

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