Boomer politician resigns when the public learns his wife posed in Playboy.

Gen X politician resigns after consensual sexting.

Millennial politician is like, “Subscribe to my OnlyFans and vote for me if you want to see this body in Congress as it takes down the oligarchy!”

I splurged on a switch with power over ethernet to reduce the number of cables in my networking closet when I inevitably build a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster.

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Replaced the 18 year old “fast ethernet” switch in my condo with a new gigabit switch and now my Internet access is even faster.

I love how fast and cheap Internet access is in Stockholm.

I wish EU cloud providers would do something as new and useful as anything AWS announced this week at instead of solving imaginary cloud problems with .

📢 You can now track 404 error pages directly in your Plausible dashboard.

It's simple to set up and gives you an overview of all 404s so you can fix broken links or redirect URLs.

Thanks @jeremiahlee for the contribution!

Instructions here:

Submitted a session proposal to . It would be the perfect venue to share a talk I have wanted to give for 2 years. I commit to sharing the ideas in March regardless if the session gets accepted. 😊

🌟 @plausible added custom event goals to its privacy-respecting Google Analytics alternative.

Here is how I now track 404 errors:

1. Set up a "404" goal per

2. Add this code to 404 page: `plausible("404",{ props: { path: document.location.pathname } });`

Saddened to hear about the death of Tony Hsieh. I never met him, but I loved his book “Delivering Happiness” and his utopian-esque work after Zappos. He was an outlier in compassion among rich tech guys.

Upgrading through breaking changes in Eleventy and Tailwind took more time than designing the new contents page for my blog.


Giving a Climeworks subscription is a gift to the recipient and all of humanity.

Suck some CO₂ out of the air.

“Hillbilly Elegy” felt like a time machine. I grew up in Appalachia and am same age JD Vance. Critics seem to lament other narratives not getting a movie too or that JD did not escape conservatism when he escaped poverty, but it was a fair depiction, not poverty porn or slumming.

I have been using Firefox 83’s HTTPS-only mode for a week. I love its “secure connection not available” interrupt because it raises immediate awareness of network insecurity and forces a decision. For example, I may want to decline on public Wi-Fi.

Working on my first real Ember.js app in 4 years and remembering how much I love making Web apps. A lot to catch up on, but also so many new superpowers.

Okay so EU Member States -- led by Germany, the land of privacy® -- propose again to prohibit #e2ee #encryption because, you know, #terrorism and stuff.

“Bite your teeth into the ass of life and drag it to you!”

—“Big Night”

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Take a moment to remember the transcestors who fought for the equality trans people are still denied and, if an ally, ask how you might help.

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