If you enjoyed “The Big Short”, you will probably enjoy “The Laundromat”, a new movie about The Panama Papers on Netflix starring Meryl Streep.

Hey Siri, when I ask, “Where are you?” I am not looking for a pithy response, but an audible clue to find where I left my phone in the vicinity without having to jump on another device to Find My Phone. Work on that, will ya.

I wonder if Stockholm would have picked up more of the Brexit-related emigrations if it had already adopted € the euro.

It’s unfortunate Facebook has a stronger policy against female nipples than outright lies in ads it profits from. edition-m.cnn.com/2019/10/11/p

macOS Catalina asks to introduce the new features. I agree. It opens Safari instead of Firefox, my default browser. Upon closing Safari, macOS asks if I want to keep Firefox as my default browser with the option to switch to Safari being in the default button position. Gross.

Why isn’t Google Slides smart enough to recognize code and not apply curly quotes?

Life insurance in the US apparently is regulated primarily at the state level. I have no state, so that complicates things.

One company wrote back saying they can’t cover someone who lives in Switzerland. That is not relevant information to me, a resident of SWEDEN. 🤦‍♂️

I am trying to buy life insurance because it’s the responsible thing to do now that I have a mortgage. Options in Sweden are waaay more expensive than in the US, so I searched for expat life insurance. It hasn’t gone well.

Update: I enjoyed a raspberry White Claw and a pumpkin spice hard cider in Portland, OR last week.

Apple liked my Tab Tosser extension for Firefox so much that it built the feature into Safari in iOS 13. Cool.


I gave up on the third level of Untitled Goose Game because the controls were too frustrating to use and I couldn't get anything done. Twitter was right: it was too short of a game. 😞

Do No Harm open source licenses effectively prevent your code from being used in commercial software because it becomes a liability for anyone using it if their customers become harmful ~IYHO~ at some point. I agree with the desire, but it creates a new level of dependency hell.

Most databases’ Wikipedia articles are far more informative than their marketing websites. “Big companies use us!” is less helpful than CAP tradeoffs, licensing, comparison to other databases, etc.

The photos from the 1939 New York World’s Fair showed so much optimism about the future, even on the cusp of the Second World War. rarehistoricalphotos.com/1939-

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