EU startup idea: Wirecutter for EU since none of its recommended products are available outside the US.

@da Thanks! Never participated in a IETF process before. Seems intimidating, but I have joined the email list and let's see how this goes.

Now that I have watched , I have canceled my Disney Positive subscription. $7 well spent.

IETF RFC nerds: how do we get `pronoun` added as a non-enumerated string to vCard?

Pronoun should be a standard field in our contacts apps.

“I’ve always been really curious about things and slightly confused by the world, and I think someone who feels that way is in a good position to be the one asking questions.” —Terry Gross

TIL Securitas, the omnipresent rent-a-cop employer, is a Swedish company.

should have my website show a message if you _don’t_ have an adblocker installed recommending that you get one

Sciences and liberal arts were not always separated. Not surprisingly, sexism and capitalism are to blame.

@da That is *fascinating* and by far the most insightful response I've gotten.

I could get a smaller table top, but most have 60 cm legs.

“I sense great confusion in you, sir, great confusion. Not because you do not know, but because you are afraid of what you know.” —Cassidy, Red Dead Redemption 2

My husband and I hiked from Stockholm to Tyresta National Park and camped overnight. We hiked further southwest today and then caught busses home because public transit here is amazing. Hike was tough, but glad we did it.

Not a single nurse at the Stockholm tick-borne encephalitis vaccine clinic was wearing a mask.

How many asymptomatic nurses are spreading COVID-19?

Who called it ‘mocktail’ and not ‘cocktease’?

Anyway, I am experimenting with Seedlip distilled non-alcoholic spirits because alcohol is a carcinogen.

Any recommendations for sit stand desks 40–50 cm deep?

Seems like everything is 60–80+ cm deep and I don’t need a deep desk when using a monitor arm.

On June 28, 2020 at 23:55 CEST, I solved my first Rubik’s cube.

Every HTTP request library needs to support connection timeout, response timeout, etc. to prevent app from hanging in poor network conditions. Merely an "abandoned" request could still sit wait forever, wasting memory.

Except in async #Rust, which has an interesting model: when you stop polling a Future and drop it, it explicitly aborts everything it has been doing. So if the app gives up on the request, it will get cleaned up automatically even if it was stuck. No need for special timeout API.

@da I hope it goes both ways and GNOME copies a lot more from Apple.

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