part 3: Facebook protects borderline hate speech more than the recipients of the hate.

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A year ago, I started a personal campaign to . I explained my reasoning hoping others might join me.

I will share a Facebook-free year retrospective in September.

I mostly use search to launch apps on my phone instead of hunting for the icon or scouring folders.

I swear 1 in 5 iOS searches do not include the exact match of the app name in the results.

February 2021 is ISO 8601 week perfection: first day is a Monday and lasts precisely 4 weeks long.

Peloton won’t yet sell me a bike in Sverige, but I am proud to have completed 150 strength workouts!


I swear Apple’s grammar check is incorrect 99% of the time. I have lost count of the number of times iOS has autoincorrected “its” to “it’s”.

Replaced the 18 year old “fast ethernet” switch in my condo with a new gigabit switch and now my Internet access is even faster.

I love how fast and cheap Internet access is in Stockholm.

🌟 @plausible added custom event goals to its privacy-respecting Google Analytics alternative.

Here is how I now track 404 errors:

1. Set up a "404" goal per

2. Add this code to 404 page: `plausible("404",{ props: { path: document.location.pathname } });`

Upgrading through breaking changes in Eleventy and Tailwind took more time than designing the new contents page for my blog.

I have been using Firefox 83’s HTTPS-only mode for a week. I love its “secure connection not available” interrupt because it raises immediate awareness of network insecurity and forces a decision. For example, I may want to decline on public Wi-Fi.

100 new emoji and still no donkey.

Why does the Unicode Consortium leave democrats without representation? Jackasses…

Also, donkeys are adorable.

God morgon från Sverige…

I couldn’t sleep anymore. I haven’t left bed yet. Can you locate when I opened Apple News using my heart rate?

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