I mostly use search to launch apps on my phone instead of hunting for the icon or scouring folders.

I swear 1 in 5 iOS searches do not include the exact match of the app name in the results.

February 2021 is ISO 8601 week perfection: first day is a Monday and lasts precisely 4 weeks long.

Peloton won’t yet sell me a bike in Sverige, but I am proud to have completed 150 strength workouts!


I swear Apple’s grammar check is incorrect 99% of the time. I have lost count of the number of times iOS has autoincorrected “its” to “it’s”.

Replaced the 18 year old “fast ethernet” switch in my condo with a new gigabit switch and now my Internet access is even faster.

I love how fast and cheap Internet access is in Stockholm.

🌟 @plausible added custom event goals to its privacy-respecting Google Analytics alternative.

Here is how I now track 404 errors:

1. Set up a "404" goal per docs.plausible.io/custom-event

2. Add this code to 404 page: `plausible("404",{ props: { path: document.location.pathname } });`

Upgrading through breaking changes in Eleventy and Tailwind took more time than designing the new contents page for my blog.


I have been using Firefox 83’s HTTPS-only mode for a week. I love its “secure connection not available” interrupt because it raises immediate awareness of network insecurity and forces a decision. For example, I may want to decline on public Wi-Fi.

100 new emoji and still no donkey.

Why does the Unicode Consortium leave democrats without representation? Jackasses…

Also, donkeys are adorable.

God morgon från Sverige…

I couldn’t sleep anymore. I haven’t left bed yet. Can you locate when I opened Apple News using my heart rate?

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You can now vote early in person in nearly every state!

Go vote now unless you are in Oklahoma (Oct 29), DC (Oct 27), Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire.

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🇺🇸 A better way of thinking about Election Day is as the *last* chance to vote.

💥 You can vote early, in person, right now in most of the US!

Republicans vote consistently. Democrats don’t and that’s when we lose.

👯‍♂️ So don’t wait until Nov 3. Take a friend and wear a mask!

Current issue: I have tried every suggestion I found online to enable live patch. Probably means wiping and starting over.

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