I built San Francisco in LEGO!

The next part involves leveling the Sunset, building high density housing that’s architecturally not boring, narrowing the streets, and suddenly being able to house the 8,000 people homeless.

Related: There is increasing contention between NPS surveys and annoying chatbot pop-ups in the lower right corner.

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Most of my non-authenticated web browsing is now scrolling the content behind the cookie modal and hoping I can get what I need without having to reject ad cookies in order to click a link.

I didn’t post much in the last week because I was hanging out with fellow Democrats abroad in the Sahara Desert.

No, CNN. Captain Planet is our powers combined, not some billionaire.

macOS Catalina asks to introduce the new features. I agree. It opens Safari instead of Firefox, my default browser. Upon closing Safari, macOS asks if I want to keep Firefox as my default browser with the option to switch to Safari being in the default button position. Gross.

Apple liked my Tab Tosser extension for Firefox so much that it built the feature into Safari in iOS 13. Cool.


If you must use gears to represent settings or a developer platform, at least use mechanically correct gears.

Excellent tool for generating them: woodgears.ca/gear_cutting/inde

Equifax appears to be trying to get out of its cash settlement offer by requiring additional information long after claims were filed. Check your email.

A friend uses Facebook Messenger. I proposed a restaurant for dinner. Facebook would not let me share the restaurant’s website because it said it violated its community standards. I wonder if it showed something offensive like a woman’s nipple or a terrorist training video at some point. /s

Yay! I have been able to lend to 58 of the 77 countries Kiva operates in—and there are no loans available in the remaining countries at the moment.

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