I new to caring for euphorbia. I watered almost a week ago. Today, I noticed this brown streak. It's been about 20–28℃ indoors in the last week. I don't know if it's too much or too little water. Lots, but not direct, of sunlight. Any help is much appreciated.

I’m going to need the cute cis-het allies to pin an A on their wardrobe for the next few days. Thank you for your compliance and not toying with our queer fantasies.

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I made vegan pasta carbonara last night. Delicious, easy, cruelty free, lower carbon footprint.


The US is not divided on the issue of abortion.

Only 19% of US Americans support a ban on abortion and the percentage has been fairly consistent for decades.


I just submitted my application to become a citizen of Sverige! 🇸🇪

Neat. My name is going on a flash drive aboard NASA’s Artemis I, the preparation flight for landing the first woman and the first person of color on the Moon.


CitizenBrick.com is doing a fundraiser for charities supporting Ukrainian refugees with a Zelensky minifig and Lego molotov cocktail.

One benefit as an adult from growing up a poor kid is that I don’t have any regretful photos wearing JNCOs with a center-part dick-head haircut.

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