I just froze my credit report on all 3 US credit reporting agencies and—dear gourds—that was a difficult 2 hours of my life as a US American-Swede living abroad.

They do not like access from outside the US and they also do not like VPNs. It is a continuation of the US policy that the only Americans who want to live abroad are terrorists or tax evaders.

An estimated 10 million US Americans live abroad. That is more than the population of 40 US states.


Stockholms stad (city) has so many wonderful programs inaccessible to Stockholms län (county) residents.

Being on the Nacka side of a bridge to Södermalm excludes me from startup and language programs I would like to participate in.

Today’s random “I wish this existed in Sverige” item: frozen vegan corndogs

I am now a citizen of Sverige! 🇸🇪 🇪🇺

226 days waiting for a decision.

94,814 other people still waiting for a decision.

10% of people living in Sverige are digitally excluded. They cannot get a BankID for various reasons and are excluded from over 6,000 services they have the right to access.

I signed this petition to mandate all services requiring eID offer all government approved alternatives, not just BankID.


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