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Very excited about our new stable release;

More to come - we're building a rolling release as well.

We’re changing the way PureOS is released. PureOS will be available as a Stable or Rolling release, giving you the choice between stability or cutting-edge changes

Bummed that you missed #GUADEC2019? I’ve got the next best thing! All the talks are online with interactive slides and everything. Incredible work from the organizing committee and UbiCast.

RT @TXJennieK: @Viking_Sec Consider the entire @eff security education companion! It's a great guide for supporting the community. https://…

Want 28% off a Librem 13 v4 with secure hardware kill switches? Well we have a sale on our UK and German keyboard models. Get the base version for $999 and use those savings to get more ram and a large SSD

"[The Librem 5] will also have a removable battery, a feature that Apple long ago abandoned in the interest of svelte devices."

If you're upgrading Dovecot from Debian 9 to 10, note that there is a new way to handle SSL parameters in the configuration. If you don't change your configuration, TLS will fail and you'll not be able to use Dovecot.

What Really IRCs Me: Mastodon
By @kyle
Learn how to use the Mastodon social network platform from the comfort of your regular #IRC client.

Fun stuff: GtkConstraintLayout, the equivalent of Apple's AutoLayout and Android's ConstraintLayout, has landed in GTK's master branch, and will be available in the next major release:

There's going to be a blog post on the #GTK development blog soon.

Youtube's ban on "hacking techniques" threatens to shut down all of infosec Youtube

Looking forward to attending this year in Thessaloniki Greece.

Please STOP, stop, stop using #Google #reCaptcha on your websites!
You are giving away your visitors' #privacy and they cannot even opt-out and avoid it if they want to reach your contents.
#privacyMatters #webdevelopment

Do you like and pleistocene megafauna? Then you might be interested in this position!

Purism is a very progressive team, we encourage all interested people to apply, regardless of location, income, gender, age, race, religion, skin, height, weight, sexual orientation, or any other personal trait(s). We do not discriminate and are proud to operate a safe-work-place. More details in the link.

I'm very hyped for some of the things happening around GNOME design tools.

We have an easy way to look up the color palette now:

And very soon you'll be able to export icons for production directly from Icon Preview

Bay Area residents of all ages, and all skill levels, are invited to join Electronic Frontier Alliance member @noisebridge Monday night at 7 PM for Cyber Hacking Monday. Come find inspiration to hack that project you’ve always wanted to work on!

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