"[The Librem 5] will also have a removable battery, a feature that Apple long ago abandoned in the interest of svelte devices."

@purism is the size of the phone public? I see they reffer to 14mm size. Is that a official number? Cannot find the dimensions on your public site.

@Jelv @purism I don't believe the dimensions are specified anywhere yet :)

@purism I don't think Apple ever had a removable battery on a mobile device. Maybe the G4 Macbook Pro from the PowerPC days?

@adam @purism If you're including the laptops then yeah, my iBook G4 white clamshell had a removable battery.
@adam @purism Honestly though, my sturdy old magnesium frame mobile from 1998, for which I bought a bigger battery, is the only phone that I've ever changed the battery on. None of the ones after that have outlived their battery in function or practical usefulness.

My 2012 phone that my son inherited still runs decently on the original battery.

@clacke @purism Oh, I used to keep a spare battery in my wallet and as soon as the one in the phone died, I'd swap it out in a few seconds and I'd be good for another day. Meanwhile, friends with iPhones at the restaurant would be begging the bartender for an electrical outlet.

@adam @purism I think power banks have mostly replaced this use of removable batteries.

Not saying removable batteries aren't a good thing, or that non-removables aren't a plan for obsolescence, but in practice I think raised expectations from increasingly complex software has been a stronger and faster factor in making hardware obsolete.

@purism interestingly enough, the article mentions that "the companies devices are endorsed by the Free Software Foundation, and it will only bundle apps on its smartphone that are similarly endorsed".
Wouldn't that mean the previously mentioned operating system Pureos?
I know you are working hard for free software foundation endorsement for the hardware too, but I thought that hadn't already occured?
I could be wrong, but it just struck me as factually incorrect :)

@purism Not only did they abandon it, they will now pair the battery to the specific machine so it can't be replaced at all.

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