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Livet är mer än arbete. Prova på scout i Norra Botkyrka! Sedan i höst startar scoutgrupp för 8-9-åringar.

Roligt och vemodigt att läsa om Balrog. Sverigeelitlag både på dam- och herrsidan. Familjär stämning på läktaren. Kaffe och chokladboll. Gångavstånd mellan hem och Botkyrkahallen. Än lever Balrog!

I think I’ve heard, eg at MintCast, that some IoT devices use very old and outdated versions of the Linux kernel, and by that increased vulnerability for privacy and security attacks. Any comment?

Right or wrong, now is Sweden very close to fill in the application form to join NATO, if we receive the form. Today the Social democrats have taken its decision, so now majority of parliament is pro to join NATO - as soon as possible.

I have never had any media center, but thought of it. I simply have all on my main machine. But after Bill at Mintcast (ep 381.5) talked about Jellyfin software, I put that on my Consideration list.

It's not a fully fair and objective comparison (eg included start up sw, real measurement etc). But it feels as my Linux Mint OS boots faster than my macOS, both of latest version. Compared on a some years old macMini and an older Thinkpad.

Ex of non-privacy policy (Twitter upcoming Policy as per June 10, 2022):
"Information about your device and its settings, such as device and advertising ID, operating system, carrier, language, memory, apps installed, and battery level."
"How you interact with others on the platform, such as people you follow and people who follow you, and when you use Direct Messages, including the contents of the messages, the recipients, and date and time of messages." Ref:

A few photos of flowers. I explore the free and open soure RawTherapee software for raw photo developing.

Mastodon, and more, use ActivityPub protocol to communicate between instances. If Twitter also joined ActivityPub, Twitter could work just like a Mastodon instance. In my understanding.

Exploring Mastodon: My content is public for everyone to read from my profile url. Not saying if good or bad, only stated as a fact to know. Valid with my current settings at my current instance.

The terrible invasion war by Russia of Ukraine appear leading to that Finland and Sweden bond even better. That is good.

Long live old stores! Gunnar Olssons Foto celebrates 90 years. Not too bad! (I am not sponsored in any way!)

Engineering art. PBA - Printed Board Assembly. The PBA on this photo is part of a Thinkpad T460p laptop.

Installation of operating system Linux Mint 20.3 MATE: 10 min. Updating so system and software is up to date: Another 12 min. Settings and configurations in addition. I am impressed how fast it is. On Lenovo Thinkpad T460p.

Live TV at its best! For several thousand years the moose have walked the same path to get to the rich pastures of summer. Live from Kullberg in the north of Sweden. In addition to moose, I've seen a woodpecker today. -tv

Tune in to our new Episode 109: From Twitter to the Fediverse with Mastodon! @katherined talks to Shawn Powers and @kyle about moving from #Twitter to the #Fediverse using #Mastodon, including how to choose a server and find your niche.
Visit the following link for full episode -

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