I recommend the PIXLS website for anyone who shot photos. It includes a list of free and open software for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. Of course not exhaustive, but a good start. I use several of the listed softwares. pixls.us/

On the happy side: Birds IRL eating an ordinary day. A I shot a couple of days ago through a window, hence not so clear and sharp. Anyway, best effort, developed with .
As alternative to all talk about a non-IRL bird.
On the sad side:
- We must improve regarding the . What must I do better in my life?
- The war by in . So terrible and idiotic etc. Several other ongoing wars not to be forgotten.
- Too much more for one toot.

Exploring and learning more and more about digiKam to manage my photo catalog (and more features for photos).

I'm working on my migration to digiKam from Photoshop Elements Organizer to manage my photo catalog. It takes a while, it is not a full time engagement, but it seems as in the end I will have most metadata with me automatically and by hand.

Tidying up catalogs in my outdated version of Photoshop Elements Organizer. Then I will import to Lightroom, as interim step. Lightroom can import and export better (eg xmp sidecar). The import into which I plan to use as photo catalog. That's the plan...!

I have installed and done my first trial with Entangle software - taking photographs with a digital camera completely controlled from the computer ("tethering"). It seems to simply work perfect with my Nikon D90. entangle-photo.org/

A few photos of flowers. I explore the free and open soure RawTherapee software for raw photo developing. hemrin.com/business-blog/347-f

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