I was looking for one of my photos. Thanks to my tags and descriptions I found the photo within seconds. I have a big backlog, but such metadata is so good to have, including to know what is on the photo - memory fade over time. I use

Today is my pod show "Getting started with the digiKam photo management software" aired on Hacker Public Radio.

I hope it can be useful for someone!

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Isn't it great news that I have produced a new pod episode for Hacker Public Radio?

It will be aired 2nd of April this year.

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Show your photo on the digiKam splash screen for all its users! If your contribution is selected, of course. digikam.org/news/2024-03-20-sp

The new release of digiKam is out!

The great photo management software I use. Free and open software available for Windows, macOS and Linux.


Today is my first pod episode for Hacker Public Radio aired!

It is about how I migrated to digiKam software for my photo catalog, from Photoshop Elements or Lightroom. Episode hpr4071.



I am very satisfied that I last year changed to digiKam to manage my photos.

Not only that it is a free and open source software (donations are welcome from us users) and available on "all" platforms (Linux, Windows and macOS). It is also a very competent software!

Now I've updated to the latest 8.1 release of digiKam. I will look more into my settings related to new features compared to 7.9 (I never upgraded to 8.0), and generally learn more about the new features. I am so impressed of this free and open software! digikam.org/

Jag är så nöjder och glader att jag bytte till digiKam för att organisera mina bilder! Det går också att använda för editering med mera, men jag har inte lärt mig arbetsflödet där så bra. Jag kompletterar med RawTherapee och GIMP om andan faller på, och en del mer program. Det var lite trixigt att få med gamla datan vid bytet från Adobe, men gick bra. Jag skrev ner mina erfarenheter i bifogad artikel. hemrin.com/business-blog/byta-

Last year I started to use digiKam as my major photo management software. Especially as catalog sw but also for editing with a few additional sw. I do not at all regret I moved to digiKam. Now the new major release 8.0 has arrived. digikam.org/

These foot prints in snow have already started to deteriorate. Digital prints we give online are far more stubborn to wipe off.

Shot last year with D90, developed with .

Of unknown reason, I waited a month to upgrade my software to the new 7.9.0 release. I am still happy I moved over to digiKam, primarily as photo catalog manager, but I can also use it for editing etcetera. I intend to use eg and in addition, maybe more (now also ). (my migration in Swedish: hemrin.com/business-blog/365-b) The latest release: digikam.org/news/2022-12-05-7.

On the happy side: Birds IRL eating an ordinary day. A I shot a couple of days ago through a window, hence not so clear and sharp. Anyway, best effort, developed with .
As alternative to all talk about a non-IRL bird.
On the sad side:
- We must improve regarding the . What must I do better in my life?
- The war by in . So terrible and idiotic etc. Several other ongoing wars not to be forgotten.
- Too much more for one toot.

I'm working on my migration to digiKam from Photoshop Elements Organizer to manage my photo catalog. It takes a while, it is not a full time engagement, but it seems as in the end I will have most metadata with me automatically and by hand.

Tidying up catalogs in my outdated version of Photoshop Elements Organizer. Then I will import to Lightroom, as interim step. Lightroom can import and export better (eg xmp sidecar). The import into which I plan to use as photo catalog. That's the plan...!

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