On the happy side: Birds IRL eating an ordinary day. A I shot a couple of days ago through a window, hence not so clear and sharp. Anyway, best effort, developed with .
As alternative to all talk about a non-IRL bird.
On the sad side:
- We must improve regarding the . What must I do better in my life?
- The war by in . So terrible and idiotic etc. Several other ongoing wars not to be forgotten.
- Too much more for one toot.

I'm working on my migration to digiKam from Photoshop Elements Organizer to manage my photo catalog. It takes a while, it is not a full time engagement, but it seems as in the end I will have most metadata with me automatically and by hand.

Tidying up catalogs in my outdated version of Photoshop Elements Organizer. Then I will import to Lightroom, as interim step. Lightroom can import and export better (eg xmp sidecar). The import into which I plan to use as photo catalog. That's the plan...!

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