I recommend the PIXLS website for anyone who shot photos. It includes a list of free and open software for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. Of course not exhaustive, but a good start. I use several of the listed softwares. pixls.us/

For your information: I have installed on my machine. DisplayCal is a ; free and open software for screen calibration. I use it with my from . DataColor own sw does not support Linux. The initial profiling and measurement took an hour. I must read more how it works. But I manage to get a calibration done, which is needed, for the external monitor, still to find out about the internal laptop monitor. Good start anyway!

I did not know that is built on . Release 7, EOL 2024-06-30. The article suggest that Twitter can have a hard work to upgrade to latest release or shift to a similar OS or to the business oriented and supported . And more concerns. zdnet.com/article/why-twitter-

I have now installed my Joplin note-taking app also on my latest machine (ThinkPad T460 with Linux Mint). I sync devices of all kind and OS with via my account, end-to-end encrypted with my own keys (my encryption in the Nextcloud file manager). Works well to setup the new device. I like , ! joplinapp.org/

I have used the 1Password password manager for a few years, incl on GNU/Linux. Maybe a year ago they added also a Linux client in addition to the browser extension. Today I have installed also the Linux client - I appreciate they have the full flegded client also for Linux.

Preparing my refurbished ThinkPad T460p to be used more and more in favor over my macMini. Linux Mint Cinnamon is in place, more sw ongoing. I have Linux on two older machines as well, but this one should be good enough as daily driver incl photo management. I like !

Today I update the GRUB-file. And like most times, I forget I have to do "sudo update-grub". I do not understand why my change does not have any impact, change again, nothing happen... and finally I remember I need to run the command!

Maybe I should simplify my life and limit to only one distro per drive?

Done my listening of Distrohoppers' Digest episode 35 - Spiral Linux and Makulu Shift were reviewed. distrohoppersdigest.blogspot.c

I have installed and done my first trial with Entangle software - taking photographs with a digital camera completely controlled from the computer ("tethering"). It seems to simply work perfect with my Nikon D90. entangle-photo.org/

"home" on a separate partition or not? Full encryption of the drive, of only home, or not at all? Cinnamon, Mate or Xfce? Decisions I have to take before I can start the Linux Mint decision! Who said it is easy to install Linux... I must take decisions first how I want it to work!

Strawberry is a nice music player and collection organizer I have started to use. It is a free open source software. Available for Windows, macOS and Linux. strawberrymusicplayer.org

Installation of operating system Linux Mint 20.3 MATE: 10 min. Updating so system and software is up to date: Another 12 min. Settings and configurations in addition. I am impressed how fast it is. On Lenovo Thinkpad T460p. linuxmint.com/

Hypnotix is a player for free IPTV developed by Linux Mint. I have watched CNN often now during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in addition to my normal Swedish public TV. It works really well to watch CNN on Hypnotix Free IPTV.

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