Today is my first pod episode for Hacker Public Radio aired!

It is about how I migrated to digiKam software for my photo catalog, from Photoshop Elements or Lightroom. Episode hpr4071.


@hehemrin @hpr
I started listening to it. I will continue listening to it. But I really was hoping to hear your voice, not an AI reading your text. I do understand your reason for doing that.

@zaivala @hpr It is my voice Moss! Just me, a microphone and a laptop. And after recording eg noise reduction in Audacity. Absolutely no AI!!! My episode: 4071.
Maybe you listened to 4072 by Archer72? Because that one had AI, it was about Piper text to speech engine.

@hehemrin @hpr
Yep I must have heard the wrong one. I listen to all of them though. Okay. My bad.

@hehemrin @hpr
4071 does not state who the presenter is. Just "HPR Volunteer".

@zaivala @hpr Strange. Is it in your pod player? On the web site, is my name clearly stated at the episode. See screen shot. I cc @ken_fallon if it is anything HPR should know and act upon.

@hehemrin @hpr @ken_fallon Nope I don't see anywhere that it's yours although it does mention it as soon as I turn it on and get past the opening music. I am enjoying it by the way.

@zaivala @hehemrin @hpr

The RSS specification 2.0 (Current) supports the Author field, for this very purpose, and HPR includes it and the google and iTunes variants for years.

<author> sub-element of <item>

$ wget -q -O - | xmlstarlet sel -T -t -m 'rss/channel/item' -v 'author' -n - | grep Henrik (Henrik Hemrin)


cc: @perloid

@zaivala @hehemrin @hpr @perloid

We also include the iTunes and Google variant of it.

<title>HPR4071: Migration to digiKam as Digital Asset Management (DAM)</title>
<author> (Henrik Hemrin)</author>
<googleplay:author> (Henrik Hemrin)</googleplay:author>
<itunes:author> (Henrik Hemrin)</itunes:author>


@zaivala @hehemrin @hpr @perloid

We could add it like we do for the #InternetArchive

However that would reduce the amount of space for the shownotes themselves.

When I say we of course I mean @perloid

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