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"If you're feeling unmotivated, there's no point in overthinking it. The time is now. Get those hands moving. Motivation will come later."

I do not want Slack to provide a probabilistic summary of what I said. I don't want notion to guess what I'm going to say. I want to choose my words with clarity and precision in mind, and if people want me to take the time to read what they've written I would hope that they've taken the time to choose their words too

And I really want to take my words out of training data sets

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You don't need separate accounts to interact with different kinds of Fediverse servers.

For example, if you have a Mastodon account you can follow PeerTube accounts such as @theatticdwellers or @alliterative and their videos will appear in your Mastodon timeline as if they were Mastodon posts.

If you reply to a PeerTube video within Mastodon, the reply will also appear as a comment below that video on PeerTube. (And comments made on PeerTube will appear as replies on Mastodon.)

...and now I'm working on my own instruction set architecture again 🙂😕

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@caseynewton Dang... we don't need Meta competing with the Fediverse. I say *competing*, because it is probably going to be a closed network, if not immediately, then eventually.

Mike being a blatant shill.... 

As it's #Mar10 day, here are some #Nintendo related accounts to follow:

➡️ @nindiespotlight - Indie games on Nintendo Switch

➡️ @splatoon - All about Splatoon

➡️ @FrankenGraphics - Creating new NES games

➡️ @pnintendo - French language Nintendo news site

➡️ @nintendojofr - Another French language Nintendo news site

➡️ @NintendoLeSite - ...and another French language Nintendo news site

➡️ @nintendo_online - German language Nintendo news site

➡️ @snescast - German language podcast about the SNES

Do you want to display a Mastodon account's public posts filtered by hashtag?

There's a way to do it using their profile page's web address:

1. Go to the account's original page on the web (more info:
2. Copy the original page's web address
3. Add /tagged/(hashtag, but without the #) on the end of that address

So, for example, if you wanted to see posts on my account tagged with #Pixelfed the address would be:

I am officially an UXN+permacomputing fan now. Wow!

64KiB tho....

From Spurgeon today:

Quietness seems essential to many spiritual operations; ...

If so, and methinks he is right, we are in big trouble in our day. What do you think?


@golemwire Ack, nevermind. I don't feel well about posting about this.

Don't be satisfied with your vision for the future. Be satisfied with completing it.
So, don't be happy with saying "I'm going to do this project"; that's just a plan and an intention. If you're satisfied just with "someday I will" then you won't do it.

If you log in through your server's website, then go to your own profile page and click on the ︙ icon, you can see interesting information about your account including:

-Blocked users
-Muted users
-Blocked domains
-Followed hashtags
-Follow requests


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