phosh 0.32.0 is out 🚀📱:

More fixes in and ➕ allows to reorder lock screen plugins (thanks ➕ improvements in phosh-osk-stub's virtual-keyboard mode in non US layouts (e.g. for electron apps) and initial support for Malayalam.

Check out the full release notes at


@agx @purism

I have a possibly stupid question. My memory believes that phosh is a fork of gnome. Does that mean I can write phosh extensions in the same way I would write gnome extensions?

*writing this on a mobile linux device with phosh as the DE.

@kosmosghost @purism Phosh is using a lot of GNOME technologies and we consider us part of the GNOME community/ecosystem but phosh doesn't use gnome-shell so its extensions won't work. There's extension points for e.g. lockscreen plugins though (and more planned for e.g. quick settings).

@agx @purism any thoughts while this isnt packaged yet in pureos10? Still running 0.29

@agx @purism which phone is the best to run this? oneplus 6t?

@ralen @purism I'd say Librem 5 and PinePhone (classic) have the best hw support atm as haptics, leds, cameras, phone calls, etc. all works.

Oneplus 6T will work (and is fast) but has limitations (e.g. no camera support yet, last time I checked audio was flaky).

This is not so much a phosh thing but rather if the hw is supported by Linux at all atm.

So it depends a bit if you want it for tinkering or want it for daily use.

@agx @purism I don't
understand how to install this on a device. Even after looking at the docs? Which devices are supported?

@betaphish @purism The favorite Linux distribution of your choice (Debian, Mobian, pmOS, PureOS, Fedora) will ship it. Install that and you should have an option to select phosh. Supported devices can be found for e.g. pmOS and Mobian at and

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