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📢 Exciting News for Developers!

Don’t miss the LibreOffice Technology Hackfest in Hungary, on June 4th and 5th, 2024!


See you soon! 👋

If you want to hear me talking about my recent paper "Ticket-based multi-strand method for increased efficiency in proof-of-work based blockchains" on the MoneroTalk/MoneroTopia podcast a few days ago, here is a link to that - it's at 3:16:35 into the podcast, those things are long 🙂

Good, fun discussion. The paper is here: - please let me know if you have any thoughts about the idea.

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Wikileaksgrundaren Julian Assange får rätt att överklaga sin utlämning till USA.
– Det betyder att det som är själva hjärtat i det här fallet, följderna för yttrandefriheten och pressfriheten, kommer att tas upp i domstol, säger Rebecca Vincent på RSF.
#Wikileaks #julianassange #assange

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Google announced client-side scanning for Android. I don't think there's any point in calling it otherwise, or discussing the alleged "usefulness" of this technical implementation.

#CSS #ClientSideScanning

@Mer__edith very aptly reminded, in her reaction, that the AI-powered scanning is proprietary and it's within Google's discretion what type of communication is flagged as problematic. Scams, today. What next? Reproductive rights? Labour organizing?

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🚨 Internationella brottmålsdomstolen ICC:s chefsåklagare Karim Khan vill utfärda arresteringsordrar mot Israels premiärminister Benjamin Netanyahu och tre av Hamas högsta ledare för misstänkta krigsbrott och brott mot mänskligheten som begåtts under kriget i Gaza.
Tre domare i ICC ska nu ta ställning till detta, innan arresteringsordrarna kan träda i kraft. #Israel #Hamas #Gaza

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Nu är en av mina senaste krönikor upplagda fritt på min blogg. Jag tipsar om Darknet Diaries, lite snack om xz utils och om övervakning. Enjoy!

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@luana Using a 5 with (on based distros) since several years. All the common bits (phone calls, SMS, mobile data, GPS positioning, proximity and orientations sensors, leds, haptic feedback, cameras, …) etc work.

The app ecosystem (as mentioned in this thread) is growing and has nice options already. Camera usage has some quirks (userspace / app limitations) but there's 3A (thanks @pavel) so "point and shoot".

1️⃣ /2️⃣

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#OtD 19 May 1933 Germany's Nazi government abolished collective bargaining – the principle of workers collectively negotiating with employers over pay and conditions. Instead, conditions were to be regulated by labour "trustees", appointed by Hitler

"Israeli minister vows to quit war cabinet if PM fails to agree new Gaza plan"

"Gantz demanded a six-point plan, which includes demilitarisation in Gaza and the establishment of a joint US, European, Arab and Palestinian administration that will manage Gaza’s civilian affairs and the return of hostages."

I wonder, is "demilitarisation" possible, as that plan suggests? How would it be achieved?

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so tired of #signal app. How can I criticize it when I’ve never used it I would like to use it. I would like to use it very much. However I don’t own a smart phone. Which means I can’t register a desktop app which intern means I can’t use signal as even trying to create a virtual I machine running, android to download the mobile app to register my desktop app. Which failed. I don’t care how much you improve it until you’re actually inclusive. Signal is not a good app. You might also want to think about who are the people they don’t have access to their own smart phone. Think about other ways for users to register without a smart phone please. (running macos desktop)

#crypto @signalapp #singalapp #telegram #security #digitalsecurity

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Funding available for (individual) #FOSS #developers and projects.

#NLnet is seeking project proposals between 5.000 and 50.000 euro.

Currently open for proposals:
1️⃣ #NGItaler (electronic payment related)
2️⃣ #NGImobifree (mobile software)

Closing date: 1 June 2024

Easy to submit a proposal:

More information:


#MobileLinux #Linux #opensource #librem5 #pinephone #payment #mobile #phone #software #grant #EU #mobian

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@zegkljan The old instance was created, hosted and managed by @EDPS as part of a pilot project. As the pilot project was coming to an end, we decided to create a new instance to ensure our continued presence on Mastodon. The new instance is hosted and managed by the European Commission and has no expiry date. We are grateful to EDPS for their pilot that brought amazing engagement and opened the doors to a passionate community. (2/2)

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Turns out that my Librerapay account was misconfigured for a while and couldn't accept any payments. I've fixed that now, so if you ever tried to support my FLOSS work through there and bounced off, I guess now is a good time to try again 😅

It would be very interesting to hear from some folks what they think about parallel chains (connected via "tickets" as outlined in my paper or some other way) as a way to increase transaction rates to handle Visa/Mastecard level of transaction volumes, ping @Monerotopia @MoneroTalk @hyc @vinibarbosa

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I just wrote this paper:

"Ticket-based multi-strand method for increased efficiency in proof-of-work based blockchains":

What do you think?

"Mobile-zombie-free zone" sign spotted at a playground in in recently.

Ironically that made me pick up my own phone to take this photo, acting like another of those infamous zombies. In my defense I did not actually enter the playground, so strictly speaking I did not violate the sanctity of the mobile-zombie-free zone. Also, the phone ( yay!) was back in pocket directly without further zombie-like behaviour. 🙂

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