Enjoying this Christmas tree next to the library close to where I live.

I imagine how the person who put this up was thinking. "Okay let's see, what did they say the job was? Make sure it does not fall over... ok, concrete blocks in place, check. Decorate with lights, they did not say how much, one side should be enough... check. All done. let's go home!"

Good job, we need more of this attitude around Christmas. Less stress, more chill. 🙂

@Vysotskij är det denna Vysotskij du menar i namnet?

Många bra låtar, Vargjakten och Ingen mans land är ett par av mina favoriter.

Today is election day here in Sweden. For those who can, don't forget to vote!

Voting places should stay open until 20:00 tonight.

Got this ridiculous notice from a web page earlier today.

It's like something from Kafka's Der Prozess. If Josef K. had a computer, I bet it would have shown him messages like this. 🙂

The number of signatures on the anti- open letter on github is down from 3009 to 3004.

Part of north of Stockholm using the app from source.puri.sm/dorota.czapleje with default settings in byzantium. The image file ended up as a 2463552 bytes .tiff file in ~/Pictures/ which I then made into a .jpg file using the "convert" program. Maybe @dos knows tricks to get better image quality? 🙂 (One issue seems to be that bright areas get too bright.) @purism @martijnbraam

"Restoring democracy, in the US and many other countries, is the overarching political struggle of our time, and it extends into many areas of life. Campaigning to eliminate unjust digital systems is one aspect of that struggle."

From chapter 5, page 60, in the new book "System Override". It has chapters independently written by Nadine Strossen, Pia Mancini, Brittany Kaiser, Richard Stallman, Hannah Wolfman-Jones, and Santiago SIri. Chapter 5 is written by Stallman.


Amazing how fast grows. I put three grains in the soil one week ago, now they're already 7-8 cm tall.

Had a bit of an identity crisis this morning. Luckily there was a command that helped resolve it. I know who I am.

Pictures from my morning walk the other day, down by the water along Edsviken north of Stockholm. I didn't meet it in person, but something tells me there is a living around here.

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