poster for Centerpartiet spotted in today:

"Håll gränsen mot massövervakning" - means approximately "stand firm against mass surveillance" - Svante Linusson and Muharrem Demirok

Glad to see them pushing this important issue in the election. I hope it gets them some votes.

Election day is in two weeks, on June 9. Don't forget to vote!

"Mobile-zombie-free zone" sign spotted at a playground in in recently.

Ironically that made me pick up my own phone to take this photo, acting like another of those infamous zombies. In my defense I did not actually enter the playground, so strictly speaking I did not violate the sanctity of the mobile-zombie-free zone. Also, the phone ( yay!) was back in pocket directly without further zombie-like behaviour. 🙂

The sign says, literally, "The bushes die if your dog pees on them" (in Swedish).

near where I live in

Statyerna på torg har fått halsdukar idag, tydligen en hälsning från

"Stickar för klimatet"
"1,5 grader"
"Vi drar en gräns"

Walked past this on my way to work the other day. It's like that The Sound of Silence song

"and the sign flashed out its warning..."

but wait, the sign did not say anything about the words of the prophets, instead it said "oops" and "Microsoft" and "your computer is low on memory, close Google Chrome" 😄

Okay, let's heed the warning from this sign: never use Microsoft or Google products, for anything, ever. Don't let them fool you. Don't but their "AI" bullshit either.


Reading "A German man's history" (Geschichte eines Deutschen) or "Defying Hitler", written by Sebastian Haffner in 1939 about the decades leading up to the Nazis coming to power.

Made me think about current Swedish politics.


Putin commentary 

I encrypted this using - neither the government nor any BigTech company knows what's on here. None of their business.

Reading this today: "Civil Disobedience" by Henry David Thoreau, first published in 1849.

Thoreau was interested in right and wrong. He considered slavery to be wrong. Slavery was legal in the society he lived in (USA 1849).

"Under a government which imprisons anyone unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison."

If you lived in a society upholding something as appalling as slavery, would you still support that state by paying taxes?

A relevant question, then and now.

Reading "On Revolution" by Hannah Arendt.

There's something charming about a footnote taking up almost the whole page 206. 🙂

That footnote is about the source of authority when a new form of government is formed.

Old: "authority comes from god".

New: authority comes from mutual agreement between groups of people.

That assumption about the source of authority is a key part in the US Declaration of Independence, but existed earlier.

Anyway, I warmly recommend this book.

I was just sitting there minding my own business, watching the kids football game IFK Bergshamra - IF Brommapojkarna 6 earlier today, when suddenly this little fellow being landed on my knee.

I was at a ChopChop restaurant earlier this evening. One of their big screens that normally show order numbers and such things instead showed this, revealing that the restaurant uses Raspberry Pi 4 Model B for that.

For some reason seeing that made me happy, I got a feeling that there is hope, or something. 🙂

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