@fiaewald mycket bra film det där, ”De andras liv”.

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@fanf42 wait, what? The EU is helping Russia make money from gas, at the same time as the same EU is supplying weapons to Ukraine?

This does not make any sense, it looks like the EU is supporting both sides in the war. What am I missing?

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17 June 1942 | SS men shot 120 Polish prisoners at the Death Wall in #Auschwitz I. They were selected from those deported to the camp from Warsaw, Krakow, Tarnów, Radom, and Lublin.

One of them was a brickmaker from Marki Edward Rabczyński (np. 22869).

One of some 140,000 Poles incarcerated in Auschwitz.
Learn about the creation of the camp, reasons for the incarceration of Poles & their fate in the German Nazi camp from our online lesson "Poles at KL Auschwitz”: lekcja.auschwitz.org/en_2020_0

@douginamug I think the best way is to not write anything like that but instead make it obvious through your actions.

For example, instead of writing "we welcome x at this conference", you have an x person as the keynote speaker at the conference. People will understand that you welcome x.

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📣Official statement: the new EU chat controls proposal for mass scanning is the same old surveillance with new branding.

Whether you call it a backdoor, a front door, or “upload moderation” it undermines encryption & creates significant vulnerabilities


@fsf remind everyone that GNU-like phones (not iOS and not Android) exist, and are great for !

This is to help folks understand why they should use -- Be like Jules!

It occurred to me that I nowadays think about Youtube videos in about the same way that Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction thinks about eating filthy animals.


Them: "Check out this youtube video!"

Me: "I don't watch youtube videos."

Them: "But this youtube video is good!"

Me: "Hey, that video may be sweet as pumpkin pie, but I'd never know 'cause I don't touch that filthy motherfucking website. Youtube is a Google site, so it's filthy. I don't visit filthy websites."

I prefer

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16 June 1916 | A Polish Jewish woman, Toibe Hofenberg (nee Morozowicz), was born in Łomża.

She was deported to Auschwitz. She did not survive.

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@jajo vilka ord bör man använda i en förhandling då, för att nå framgång?

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