"Mobile-zombie-free zone" sign spotted at a playground in in recently.

Ironically that made me pick up my own phone to take this photo, acting like another of those infamous zombies. In my defense I did not actually enter the playground, so strictly speaking I did not violate the sanctity of the mobile-zombie-free zone. Also, the phone ( yay!) was back in pocket directly without further zombie-like behaviour. 🙂

@dos here are the original files, jpg and dng:

I should say then that the file I posted here earlier was a smaller one, I had taken the jpg from the L5 and opened it with the gimp program and exported with lower quality, to reduce the file size before posting it here. The zombies.jpg file is the original one from the L5. I also threw in a "birds.jpg" and .dng if you want to play with that one also, it would be nice to get higher resolution jpg for that one if possible.

@dos thanks, that's indeed much better!

How did you do this? Could you show the commands and options to use?

@eliasr Just exported with darktable-cli using a preset and lensfun data I made that I'm going to share once I verify some last details.

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