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It makes me happy to read that 's delivery program is barely functional. It would be such a nightmarish thing if it ever caught on. All that buzzing noise, drones falling out of the sky when they hit things like birds, ever more resources used for unnecessary delivery. Its like flying cars and space tourism; oligarchs like keep investing in these ideas while ignoring the hard technical realities as well as the well being of most people on this planet

This complaint against for illegally gathering user data with explicit consent gives me a lot of optimism that it is possible to defeat the "free" business models and bring back real freedom in media distribution to the internet. Paying with your data and privacy gives the illusion of freedom when getting media on the internet. These regulations will pop that bubble if the actually enforces them.

It looks like the future of mobile is exploiting messenger apps. has clearly demonstrated it is possible to silently exploit and own devices via messenger apps. Now gangs have a proven pattern to follow with their millions for dev budgets. And it could spread from there. Could it be that this becomes a bigger threat than install by ?

I wonder why they stopped publishing this report in 2018? Since then, they have implemented and rolled out a number of key features in that make installing outside of a lot safer. I think the changes to "Unknown Sources" improved both the user experience and the security of the platform. I would have thought they would want to advertise that.

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just posted a pointer to a bit of related data:

"Google hasn't published detailed stats about the dangers of sideloading in a while, but in 2018, it used to publish yearly security reports with statistics on malware installation sources. Back then, Google found that 0.04 percent of all downloads from the Google Play Store were "PHAs" (potentially harmful apps), while sources "Outside of Google Play" had a 0.92 percent PHA install rate."

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For example, the biggest incident that I know about remains, which got into over 4000 apps, which all passed 's review and were shipped by the Apple App Store. All told, those apps were installed 128 million times. Another measure is which seems to have maintained zero click access to and for years. That is spread by exploiting messenger apps, not by or "sideloading" 3/

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Google and Apple provide data about the malware they catch in their app store review processes. Both of them talk about "sideloading" as a security risk. Notably, neither Apple nor Google provide data on how much malware comes from outside of their app stores. Nor do they provide data-based analysis of which is the bigger threat: malware that makes it into their app stores or from other channels. They have this data, they track installs and active apps plus there is etc 2/

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While all software has security issues, the irresponsible behavior of Microsoft shows why anti-trust action is needed to reduce the stranglehold the big tech firms have over the cloud computing market. Without external pressure, companies tend to hide rather than fix problems. #security #bigtech #oversight

In my work with I've discussed our work with gov regulators for South Africa, UK, EU and Japan as well as competition litigators from multiple US States and the EU. From this, I'm starting to see a picture of 's and 's semi-related strategies of making "sideloading" (installing apps outside of their control) look bad as a way to keep their monopolies in the face of and other regulatory actions. I'm still looking for data about the actual real world risks 1/

@MishaalRahman This severely worries me, especially because we are as we speak on day 4 of KDE Connect being uninstalled for F-Droid users due to a false positive in Google Play Protect with no response from Google whatsoever: (German article, but links to an English Reddit thread)

While I believe this feature is well intended, I do not believe Google Play Protect and *especially* Google support are mature enough to do this without significant damage to legitimate apps.

WTF Google Play?
You're drunk, #PlayProtect. Go home!

"Harmful app removed. #KDEConnect. The app is fake. It can steal your personal data, such as banking info and passwords."

@kde ftw
#DeleteGoogle #KDE

When organizations that use maintain the packages they use in Debian, the whole ecosystem gains. The more organizations that do that, the more efficient the whole ecosystem becomes for all users. Here's a recent example from :

I'm a Debian Developer, I'm happy to help get organizations working in this way. Reach out if you're interested!

" may be exaggerating a bit here. It wants to provide a safe experience, but in 2022 the company still removed 186,195 apps that had been previously approved. So its review process has some gaps."

I hope the will keep the pressure on like and give app stores the opportunity to compete with Apple by providing more trustworthy reviews that include reviewing the source code.

🌍 Unsurprisingly, neocolonizers #Google, #Facebook, #Microsoft, and #Amazon are rushing to control connectivity and infrastructure across #Africa.

💰 #DigitalSovereignty for Africa? Not likely anytime soon: We can't even escape them in the US or Europe given their corrupt regulatory capture.

hardware maker is laying off staff! That is great news, that is a clear sign that people are pulling back from Bitcoin. And they couldn't pivot to , so perhaps another good sign.

It would help if people showed their interest on the issues there. It can be just a 👍 or even better, post about your use cases

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Perhaps the most difficult case ever for packagers: They do all the things that make packaging a nightmare:

* Build the tool with itself
* Circular dependencies: Gradle needs to build which needs Gradle to build...
* Depend on snapshots to build releases, but then they don't keep a way to reproduce the snapshot releases
* Java-style bundling of all dependencies
* Hidden proprietary depends

thanks ebourg for keeping on!

Empathy in open source: be gentle with each other · baby steps

"#Empathy is not about being nice or making the other person feel good or even feel better. Being empathetic means understanding what the other person feels and then showing them that you understand.

Understanding what the other person feels doesn’t mean you have to feel the same way. It also doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, or feel that they are “justified” in those feelings."

by @nikomatsakis


We have found an actively exploited #zero #click vulnerability that was used to deliver #NSO group’s #Pegasus #spyware

UX designers who eliminated the filesystem from user consciousness in name of simplicity ruined the world and are morally culpable for shriveling minds of children who are unable to tackle the challenges of today thanks to a choice sold as advocacy for the user but was ultimately motivated by control of a disempowered customer.

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