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Elon gave me no warning.... plus he suspended all of my accounts, half of which track aircraft (NASA aircraft, experimental aircraft, weather, airforce etc). not people including my personal

Today’s social media status quo isn’t cutting it, so Mozilla is exploring an alternative here on Mastodon. In early 2023, Mozilla will be testing a publicly accessible instance in the Fediverse at Mozilla.Social. We will keep you updated, but for now learn more here:

"A passionate and bipartisan legislative effort to rein in the country’s largest technology companies collapsed this week, the victim of an epic lobbying campaign by Amazon, Apple, Google and Meta"

Tech giants are now spending hundreds of millions to systematically shape policy across the world, including donations and funding to policymakers, civil society orgs, media orgs and academia.

A decade ago, this may not have been clear to everyone. Now it really should be.

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We welcome help for bumping the and have mapped out what needs to be done:

Given our limited resources, I have chosen to focus my time on concrete improvements for . The only thing I'm opposed to in all this is removing functionality in order to bump targetSdkVersion. Google's recent changes there have removed functionality that many rely on.

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When is built into a ROM, like , for , etc there is no popup warning with fdroidclient. That comes from "Play Protect", which is proprietary software that flags things based on automated rules, it does not point to real world security concerns for apps like . I have nothing against the sandbox, I just think it is important to note what it is good for, and what it cannot do well 2/2

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As lead maintainer of the official client, I hear a lot of criticism that is still at 25. fdroidclient is , publicly audited, with , written in memory safe languages, with a proven record of respecting and delivering . The source and binaries also receive human and machine review. is designed around untrusted proprietary software with non-memory safe code where the binary only gets machine review. 1/2

@lauren and audits are the only way to provide trustworthy . Apps like , with /#Megolm, with , , provide trustworthy E2EE because they are built on open standards, free software, and have been publicly audited. That is the standard all services should be held to in order to be labeled trustworthy. Anything else just means you have to trust the service operator. 2/2

@lauren It is important to describe the limitations here. E2EE here would be useful when emailing with third parties. Since is proprietary software, users just have to trust to do the right thing. Technically, it is easy to build E2EE where the service can get the private keys and decrypt as they like. Given participation in etc, proprietary Gmail cannot provide trustworthy E2EE, especially considering most emails stay within Gmail 1/2

We may never be able to match the incredible achievements of #JohnMastodon, but the European Union still plays its part!

We are proud funders of Mastodon through the Next Generation Internet initiative (@EC_NGI).

Trust based.

More info:

People rocking up on this platform and expecting it to be as rich and diverse and mature as their carefully nurtured Twitter feed, fine-tuned over a decade to reflect their interests and values, maybe give it a few weeks of actually investing in finding the accounts that interest you before writing the whole thing off as a howling wasteland.

Happy to have our last version of "The Android Platform Security Model" now included in the official August 2021 edition of ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security:

Fully open access - download, read, share, feel free to use however it's helpful ;-)

"Generally speaking, warring parties do not like neutral states. Russia complains about the sanctions, and Ukraine wants Switzerland to allow the re-export of our ammunition from Germany. But criticism is a sign that a neutral state is doing its job well"

We talk a lot about companies that make and sell spyware, such as NSO, but let’s not forget the companies that back them and the states that allow them to sell their products to authoritarian regimes around the world.

I'm happy to see our Natural History Museum Vienna start to acknowledge the historical wrongs that it has been a part of, and to start doing something in response: they have finally returned the remains of 64 people that were literally stolen from New Zealand in the name of ""

"#FreeSoftware [...] should be considered a human right. I became a supporter of the FSFE to help make that point." – Erik Grun

Find our work for education in our annual #softwarefreedom report

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