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chromium-review.googlesource.c is finally marked as "Ready To Submit" and has appropriate review completed.

This means portal camera through pipewire/libcamera could be finally making it's way into Chromium at last!

Turns out that my Librerapay account was misconfigured for a while and couldn't accept any payments. I've fixed that now, so if you ever tried to support my FLOSS work through there and bounced off, I guess now is a good time to try again 😅

phosh 0.39.0 is out 🚀📱:

Some highlights:

- #phosh: folder support, night light quick setting
- #phoc: wakeup-key handling (to prevent accidental unblank)
- #squeekboard: New layout, lots of layout improvements
- mobile-settings: Allow to manage custom quick settings, allow to toggle whether to ignore hw keyboards, many new translations

Check out the full release notes at

#phosh #librem5 #pinephone #gtk #wlroots #gnome #linux #mobile #LinuxMobile

Everyone's excited about pretty sun flares right now; I found one in my collection too, although slightly different in its nature 😁

As 2017 finalist, my indie game "Karambola" is a part of A MAZE Steam Fest during A MAZE festival in Berlin right now!

A great excuse to play it again <3

PS. I am working on something special for Karambola, stay tuned!

#indiegame #steam #steamfest #amaze2024 #amaze

No manual editing this time, but an automatic postprocessing script using darktable-cli and rudimentary lens corrections. Takes ~30 sec to develop on the phone - about ten times longer than the default script used by Millipixels, but with much better results.

This lighting console UI is the result of thirty years of incremental learning on UX for professionals working in a world where time is the single most valuable thing.

It is effectively displaying a relational database with dozens of inter- and intra-dependent tables*, using a smorgasbord of visual cues and a completely custom keyboard for recall and access.

It can be used by near-novices with a very simple subject-verb-object command line syntax, with graphical feedback.
Everything beyond the two most essential tables is effectively hidden until requested, so as your skills, familiarity and requirements grow, you can expand your workspace complexity incrementally.

It allows a huge amount of workspace customisation but accessed in such a way that any operator unfamiliar with someone else’s workflow can within a few clicks, get back to the basic screens they are familiar with.

I think UI designers could learn a lot from the leading lighting console software.

So, I knew that signal had ensured that desktop installs weren't first-class users of the account and had no way of backing up messages. I didn't realize that there was no backup option of any kind on iOS at all, and no way to keep messages when switching platforms. That's, uh, kind of a big deal?

I looked into this because a friend on iOS has stopped using signal. They have a really important relationship that started on signal, and while it's since moved elsewhere, they don't want to lose all the original chat logs. So they bought a new phone and just keep the entire old phone somewhere safe, because there's no other option. The result is annoying (for me) and shitty for them — because the data still isn't backed up.

But it's ok, we've got stickers, Giphy support, and stories, and that's more important than absolutely basic security features.

We've noticed that a lot of you had some questions about this announcement, so we've collected the most important ones in a new FAQ section on the page above 👆

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It seems to have happened without much fanfare, but about a month ago @purism has released the Librem 5 hardware layouts under GPLv3 (as original PADS and converted KiCad projects), joining the schematics that were already available from the start.

@arunmani recently added folder support to #phosh 🚀 . Here's a short demo:

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