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inba z newagiem po wywiadówce w sejmie (1/7) 

I heard that people were against because of its bloat. Maybe they're right after all, looks like it's got its own 3D engine now!

(jokes aside, everything seems to point to it being getting misreported for some reason, but nevertheless, this sight has left me seriously confused at first)

As a computer scientist, I know that determinism is not at odds with free will, because any sufficiently advanced deterministic system is indistinguishable from nondeterminism.

Happy to report that my first PCB layout is barely started and already an unworkable mess. It's quite fun to figure out on my own with no tutorials though, the only thing I had to look up so far was how to move a component to the other board side 😁

one of the annoying things about having ADHD and being a reverse engineer is that "take this thing apart, take pictures, put it back together, post pictures" is not a task: it's four separate tasks, and it's entirely possible to run out of motivation after completing one or three of them

Cryptocurrency people are so funny. Recently someone with deep pockets spent six-figures embedding 9MB of encrypted data into the BTC blockchain.

I read a write-up about it one some website dedicated to cryptocurrency, and the author was especially impressed with the fact that encrypted data cannot be decrypted without a key. He noted that "not even ChatGPT could decrypt it".

Of course Cryptocurrency people don't understand cryptography... That's why they buy pretend internet money.

Okay, listen up:

Mozilla is two different entities. The Mozilla Corporation and the Mozilla Foundation. The second one? That's the social good one you
really want focused on important things.

The Mozilla Foundation, like all non-profits, publishes their Form 990 annually to disclose compensation.
Here it is.

You'll see that the top earner there, Mitchell Baker, who is very handsomely rewarded, is actually paid by the Mozilla Corporation, not the Foundation. Put another way, the non-profit is not blowing its funding on a CEO.

And the corp, by the way, is what generates revenue that largely funds Firefox.

annual report of the Foundation shows a pretty healthy financial situation, and increased investment in public good projects year-over-year.

I don't like everything they do either (e.g. that risible website generator), but I don't actually think they are suffering from a lack of focus. They're suffering from a mature market.

The sucky thing about working in infosec is that you can't talk about most of the wildest, coolest projects you end up getting pulled into. It's paid work done under NDAs.

The train research done by @redford, @q3k, and @mrtick is a prime example of something that usually wouldn't see the light of day - and I'm really happy that they were able to buck the trend:

At #37c3 they have IRC, and Matrix for text and for voice they setup their own LTE/2G/3G/SIP/DECT network where you bring whatever phone-like device and pick a 4 digit phone number.

Meanwhile in the USA for #defcon they just paid Discord money and told everyone to accept their privacy policy, and even the DC Privacy Village asks people to sign up for Slack and Google.

People ask why I fly to CCC from the USA. It is because that is the closest place to find a thriving hacker culture.

The recording of my "Browsers biggest TLS Mistake" lightning talk at #37C3:

Don't have a #flow3r badge and are interested in getting one? We are collecting requests to see if a second production run makes sense. Please sign up here: #37c3

Just pushed a tiny update for Petal Hero with improved A/V delay. Grab it from the app store!

I remember quitting :birdsite: right after #29C3, the 2012 Congress:

Between then and now, every Congress, every hacker camp, incessantly promoted Twitter. Invited people to tweet under the relevant hashtag, displayed tweets on at-venue screens all over the place, etc.

This year it's all fedi. Toots in #37C3 displayed along the address; @Tusky (and possibly other fedi apps) getting their own info cards on these as well.

I waited for this for a decade.


Happy Train's Secondary Compressor Stops Working Day to all who celebrate it! 🤗

So turns out I'm going to be speaking at in February as part of the "FOSS on Mobile Devices" track. We'll go step-by-step through debugging a spontaneous modem reset issue that used to trouble the phone, which - spoiler alert - turned out to be a (not very well-)known bug in the 2.0 spec. Check this and other talks out at

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