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The four stages of Mastodon user:
* what’s a Mastodon
* I feel lost and alone how does this work
* oh wow this is actually pretty cool
* I’m an instance admin now

I keep seeing people say Mastodon is nothing like Twitter. And they’re right.

Mastodon is an echo of the old internet, it’s decentralised, chaotic. What you get depends on your sysadmin. You can’t search, everything has to be shared to you by a human. Networks split apart and rejoin. What you see is your unique connection to it.

Is this good? Maybe. But for me that’s the internet I grew up with. No algorithms, no targeted adverts, just human interaction, and it was glorious.

Turns out that my contributions to Waydroid have uncovered a bug in Mutter's wp_viewporter implementation. Feels like every time I touch clients, I find bugs in some compositors 😅

Not complaining though, let's get them all as robust as possible 😎

My name is dos; some call me Sebastian. I made dozens of small silly video and some slightly less small ones too. I'm one half of @holypangolin studio. Sometimes I pretend to be a musician, but don't get fooled. I'm also a living encyclopedia on a Polish rock band "Perfect". Trams are cooler than trains. The more caramel, the better. I've been using GNU/#Linux on phones for ages, which led me to work with @purism on the Librem 5. btw I use Arch, but I ❤️ Debian!

Hi there! I’m Agata here at the 2-person team of Holy Pangolin. I’m #neurodiverse (#autistic + #adhd).
I #create a lot of stuff, almost each time in new medium as I get bored easily and have too many ideas;) I made #illustrations, #indiegames („Karambola” solo, and „ODGŁOS” and more in team with @dos), marionettes, automatons, and currently I’m into #stopmotion #animation and sewing ;) I’m open for #commissions, investments, grants and friends:)

#introduction #introductions #art #mastoart

Already caught WirePlumber on slowly munching through the whole available RAM, twice 👀

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I only had to add 3 lines of code to the game's core implementation to make it possible to seek to a specific animation frame. Turned out much more pleasant and efficient than fighting with video editing software :)

Seems today may be the day I permanently switch to PipeWire on my PC. Last time I tried I stumbled upon some issues with Bluetooth audio; today it went smoothly so far and I'm even getting sub-20ms delays in Jamulus (on WiFi) while simultaneously playing music with mpd. Nice!

During this 0h game jam I made a game worth zero hours where you can spin zeros!

I've been creating a bunch of interface elements which can be recombined into busy little displays. Each brick uses its flash id to seed the layout, so each one is unique.

One of the SDIO card drivers in Linux implements runtime power management by powering the card down and telling MMC host that the card is nonremovable, to not let it notice that it went away. That works... unless that card is actually removable on your system! 😠️

Have you seen this asset/creature from our older game project "Rumina"? Cool, isn't it? Please say it's cool.
#indiedev #gamedev #indie #art #fantasy #fantasyart #gameart #mastoart

I made this in April for @jonnajinton video project, but since there are still no news about it, I decided it to post it anyway :)
It's also a little behind the scenes video from my animation project I'm working on.
Love for all ❤️ 🌈 🦉

#pride #rainbow #heart #lgbt #humanrights #love #stopmotionset #stopmotionanimation #stopmotion #animation #art #drums #music #owl #crotchet #handmade #diy #motion #video #film #filmphotography #puppet #shorts #mastoart

Here's a set of mini paintings I made for the set of the new stop-motion animation project I've been working on/procrastinating on. The owls are made separately so I can mix them with paintings in different ways:) I found this old frame at the flea market.

#animation #stopmotionset #stopmotionsetdesign #stopmotion #stopmotionanimation #scenography #scenographydesign #landscapepainting #acrylicpainting #owl #owls #winterforest #winter #trees #fleamarket #art #mastoart #fediart #mountains

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