ADHD can impair a child's ability to get things done, even when it's something they really want to do.

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Dance like nobody's watching & encrypt like everyone is.
(because they probably are)

Me: I should probably go into this "outside" people keep talking about and check it out.

@purism …and here's a quick Quake II demo using the docked via usb-c (audio is from L5's built in speaker) - might be a bit more exciting than running (which also works):

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Anyone else with experience self-sabotaging behaviors like just not doing the things you know are in your best interest i.e. taking medications, avoiding specific foods/drinks/activities, etc.

I've been feeling like crap for about a week and I just couldn't help myself

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Yeah having a hyperfixation is exciting, but no it's not necessarily enjoyable. I don't enjoy being awake at 3am because I can't stop thinking about my project. I don't enjoy neglecting work and chores because I can't mentally let go. I'm kinda exhausted and just wanna relax

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My interests are 100% on or 100% off for me. Blessing and a curse. It's great because I learn DEEP about a topic but, on the flip side, I ignore other responsibilities and when I have to do them, it's painful. Anyone else like this?

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Buttons, my ADHD currency or, “why didn’t you do anything all day?”
This is something I made early on, after an argument I had.

Finally made a 4th page for it, yay!

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Having trouble getting motivated? Start a small fire in your living room!

Rushing to get the fire extinguisher before it spreads to your bookshelf will give you the dopamine rush you need to start all those other slightly less unpleasant tasks.

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Students shouldn't be forced to use Zoom, Skype, and other nasty proprietary software to access an education. Support their : sign our petition! u.fsf.org/34d

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So what can you do to help us find the negative?

We are asking fans, fellow filmmakers and collectors to visit WhereIsTheBeastmaster.com for all clues we have on the missing Beastmaster negative.

If you have info please use the contact form to send us leads. (4/4)

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Subscribe toDan's channel & if subscribers gets over 100K he'll show an old embarrassing video. twitter.com/MurrellDan/status/

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