GitHub really needs to provide better insight into fork activity.

Whenever I stumble across a stagnant or unmaintained project, it's pretty much impossible to figure out if there are any active forks 😕

Saddest part about being back in the office is I have no where to enjoy my lunch break. I live 30 mins away and I don’t feel safe in the break room.

Currently sitting in my car at the park while a group of youths smoke marijuana non-discretely.

I’m mostly also just not comfortable with being in contact with all the other staff. They’re taking precautions, yes, but in my town there were 300 new cases at a chicken factory. Not encouraging.

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Not driving has been another bonus. My commute is 30 mins one way. I’ve been able to do my job completely from home unless I actually needed to put my hands on something, which is rare.

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In spite of the world’s current state, working at home has been so good for my mental health. I’ve been in such a good mood spending time with my cats, growing gardens, & no social obligations.

Was told to go back to the office starting next Tues. Now the sadness is setting in.

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Me to Doctor: Go over by the clock and click that arrow.
Doctor: What is that?
Me: Where it shows you the time.
Doctor: Found it.

about to go on vacation? your supervisors start brainstorming all the projects they want you to start when you return. "When you get back..."

Shameless plug:

Red Hat's big annual tech conference went virtual this year (thanks COVID-19). But also, the two day virtual event is free to attend now!

If you're interested in checking out all of the amazing content from Red Hat Summit for $0, learn more about it and register here:

Full disclosure: I'm a Red Hatter and my team has built a pretty incredible Kubernetes + Kafka + Knative + Tensorflow + Ceph demo for this event. I am super proud of their hard work!

#DRM on medical equipment has always been a threat to human health and lives, as well as a violation of our rights, and now DRM on ventilators may actually cost lives: Sign up to learn more about our campaign against DRM:

@vecna when I tried to switch from #Ruby to #Bash (or even #POSIX #shellScripting) to reduce the amount of dependencies, I noticed I focused more on creating smaller programmes that did as little as possible. Take data and output data that could then be processed by one or more other tools.

In other words, I was more creating a set of small tools that used piping to get the task done, rather than a single programme that tried to do it all.

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